29 September 2006


Fauxganization: "Fake organizing. When you take all the junk you have, stack it in size order and arrange the stacks in parallel rows, you've 'Fauxganized.' Nothing is any clearer, no decisions have been made, but it seems like something has been accomplished." - Nayland Blake - a brilliant term and beautiful blog. Prepare to look at the pictures for a very long time.

(Term discovered here, just to explain the random knitting connection.)

Blake says he is very good at it. I think it may be a skill common to many. I know I for one seem to excell at this, especially in that whole non-productive aspect of it all.

Anyway, as I posted yesterday, I’ve been doing a little stash “fauxganization” in my fear of Lone Knitter’s dream moths invasion and I decided to get some of my famed lists going to whip this knitting chaos into shape. Of course I rarely complete these lists, but that’s beside the point. It’s fauxganization after all. And there are lots of links, in case any of you feel tempted to take add a few things to your "to knit" list."

Stashing... Yet Again

Tomorrow is also another festival… the Knox Fiber Fest. I’ll be caffeinated and on the go bright and early for a very quick trip (as my ride has both a three-year-old and a very tight schedule) so I thought it best to do some planning prior to the dizzying intoxication of alpacas. And then Socktoberfest starts on Sunday… and then I need to get started on the Leapin’ Lizards project… and possibly the mitten knitalong… and the cables. Ay yi yi, busy little fingers (and their ADD owner) are going to need direction!

So, we’ll see how tomorrow’s haul goes, but I’m going to try to be good. I need to enter the world of Kureyon for the afghan as it’s one of the few yarns that I’ve always coveted but never stashed. Well, that’s about to change. I’m still looking to pick up some solid color sock yarn, although I did find a pretty shade of grey recently. This may be a long shot, but I’d be interested in finding an apple or lime green skein or two of Lamb’s Pride worsted wt. for a mitten/scarf/hat set. Finally, I could use some additional sets of Addis, in US 8 and 2.5mm. Yeah, you know I’ll likely come home with none of this and a ton of other things!

Fall 2006 Knits

These lists are absolutely false and made-up and unrealistic, but I wanted to collect all my random thoughts and links in one place so when I start to drift into new pattern territory, I can remind myself of all the things that I really want to work on in the next decade or so.

Cables, Cables, Everywhere - but especially on cardigans

1. Central Park Hoodie – Knitalong
2. Angora Scarf
3. Trellis Baby sweater
4. Irish Hiking Hat (to match rest of set)
5. Interlocking Balloons from Scarf Style for alpaca stash
6. Samus
7. Mariah

Socktoberfest… and beyond

1. Opal socks for Mom
2. Grey toe-up socks
3. Cable socks from old Interweave – Mountain Colors BearFoot
4. Green/black striped socks from Yarn Aboard exchange
5. Knee socks of some variety

Leapin’ Lizard Afghan Knitalong

Warm Hands

1. Burlyspun mittens
2. Spun Magazine flap top mittens (with matching scarf and hat – possibly London Beanie)

Another baby sweater/bonnet from purple stash yarn

Well, now doesn't that seem all neat and orderly. Yeah, right, I'll consider this whole process highly successful if I finish one of these projects before the snow melts away next spring!

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Lone Knitter said...

Thanks for posting about the term "fauxganized"--now I know what I've been doing at my desk all these years. And thanks for the link to the Jubilee Jumbles blog. What a site!