04 October 2006

All the (Knitting) News That's Fit to Print

It's been a bit of a whirlwind around here lately and I've not had a chance to update on all the various projects and knitting fun. This will be a bit random, but eh, I suppose I'm a bit random right now. Here's a conglomeration of posts for the knitalongs and such on the calendar.

Finally Leapin’!

I visited a small fiber festival this weekend and made my first Kureyon purchase. I’ve only used Noro once before, on a pillow covering out of Oimochan, and I’m glad I resisted the Kureyon urge until just the right project because I think I may be a goner. I’m trying to make this a long-term project by picking up a skein here and there, but like the designer, I may not be able to hold out.

I made my first square out of 165. I am hoping to use a lot of teals and blues in the afghan and was attracted to this color in the skein… the one color that I didn’t use. In quilting I’ve learned that it’s often the unexpected colors that really make a project come alive and this one seems like a perfect start to a fall project. The mix of orange and green matches the leaves coloring the farm where I purchased the yarn. Perhaps each square will take on some of the personality of the yarn I select? (I’ve also learned in quilting to wait to square up my blocks after I’ve finished them all so I can take a true average of my misshapen “squares,” so I’m going to wait to block until I have a few squares done to try to get them to be about the same size… or as close to “same size” as I ever make things.)

Do you think the Knitter General should put warning labels resembling those on cigarette packs on patterns like this? Caution: This project is highly addictive. Knitting it could be hazardous to your wallet, job, laundry duties, and health as you will skip the gym to knit just one more section!

Happy Socktoberfest!

Thought I’d kick off the month right with a challenge, some stash-busting and an ode to the Socktoberfest button, all in one! Well, two in one… that’s two at a time, toe-up, baby! And I don’t think I cursed once during the cast on. Well, maybe once, but who’s counting? So far, so good, but I’m not so sure about my needle choice. I found some inexpensive bamboo sz 1 needles by Kinki Amibari Mfg. at a recent yarn shop visit and they’re working, but the join isn’t the greatest. I think I’m spending more time yanking on the yarn than knitting. Maybe there will be switching if do a Knitpicks order. It’s getting faster though so hopefully I’ll have striped socks by Halloween! I’m seeing a witch costume in my future… (although there is still last year's Hallowig that never got worn...)

Another Festival... More Stash
Despite blustery conditions, we braved the Knox Fiber Festival and true to form I found some yarn that just had to make its way to my dear little abode. The bargain of the day was the Poetry in Stitches book for $10. The projects in there are a bit out of my league, more like a whole big bit out of my league, but total eye candy. I saw an E.Zimmerman book on the table early but I didn't see the prices. Needless to say, it was gone by the time I returned.
The sock yarn stash continues to expand with 2 skeins of Plymouth Sockotta in a great blue combination and 4 skeins of Brown Sheep Wildfoote. I'm guessing I'm planning to make thigh-high hose or something with that much yarn! I'll be sure to keep you posted.

The find of the day was actually a person... the purveyor of Looped Back yarns. Such a cool girl and talented to boot. I had to bring these two little bundles home with me. The pictures aren't doing the yarn justice, but I have to say this is some of the prettiest sock yarn I've ever seen. The colors are subtle but very complex. And soft isn't a strong enough description. She does have brighter combos if you're that kind of girl... or guy, crazy socks are gender-neutral, i suppose.

I also found some unique shell buttons and clasps but forgot to take a picture. I've got visions of purse decorations swimming around my head. Now just to find the time to sit down and make the purse!
And here's the big news... tonight I'm attending my first Knitting Guild meeting. Of course the big question about all these knitting events... whatever shall I wear? Must do more knitting so I can join the hip crowd and sport a creation at every gathering!

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Lone Knitter said...

Say, Leslie. You and I are living in some strange parallel universe. You see, I just bought some Noro the other day and some new sock yarn. And I was totally planning to knit two socks at once (using the magic cast-on you told me about) from the same ball of yarn. I'm happy to see it's working. You're just using the both ends right? I wondered if it would work without the yarn getting all tangled, but it looks as if it's working for you.