21 August 2007

Signs from the Universe

One night several weeks ago I decided to eat two pieces of Dove Promises dark chocolates for dinner. Healthy, no? When dinner happens at 10 p.m., these sorts of nutritious decisions seem to make sense to my rattled brain.

BOTH pieces had the same message: “Today is a bubble bath sort of day.”

Well, amen to that, Sister Chocolate.

Who can argue when your entire candy menu conspires to give you life instructions? I crawled my tired body into the bath and did my best to stay awake to avoid drowning. Perhaps I stayed there for all these long weeks of internet absence?

Well, not exactly…

Just prior to hopping in the tub, I had tossed some yarn out of the basket (where it was patiently awaiting its Ravelry cataloguing) so I could do my last minute frantic laundry before I had to go to the store to buy more underwear to wear to work. At the bottom of the basket, for no discernable reason, was a fortune cookie message: “Next month shall be hectic yet delightful.”

Well, amen to that, Sister Cookie.

August certainly has been hectic and delightful and exhausting and inspiring and terribly sad and amazingly wonderful… and we still have a few days to go.

Since I’ve been gone, I had to deal with my biannual rush at my office job and the lovely 12+ hour days it brings. Then I hopped on a plane to visit the other coast for a not-really-bloggable work event that honestly was more play than work. (I must confess that this Midwestern girl got pretty excited about the chance to visit boardwalks on two oceans this summer. Call me a jet-setter…) I came back to the B-Lo for a few days of unpacking, laundry and re-packing so I could make my annual end-of-summer trek to Missouri for our quilt retreat and family visit. Hectic was good, but I’ll be fine without any more airplane pretzels for a bit.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of all the crafting that took place when I was home so I’ll just have to tell you, I crafted. Oh, and I also never finished writing up some of the stories from the last quilt retreat I attended… in April. Yeah, so stories in the future. Gosh, and I just realized that I still haven’t blogged a sweater I finished last winter, my first “real” lace shawl and many, many projects currently on the needles. And the contest that was supposed to be over months ago? Yeah, I’m going to try that one again and give bonus points to those who entered the first time. Hope y’all aren’t entirely put out with my slackerdom.

So, as I’m still stuck in that hectic but delightful month, I better get crackin’ on today’s list of catch up work since I’ve not only been ignoring the blog for a month, but the rest of life as well.