30 September 2005

Excited, excited, excited

Dare I admit that I'm terribly, terribly excited to attend my first fiber festival?

Stop it with the "regularity" jokes already. They aren't funny and never will be.

There will be sheep. There will be bunnies. There will be alpaca.

There will be old people. There will be spinning wheels. There will be greasy (greazzzzzzy) fairgrounds food.

I know you're jealous.

And just so you know how excited I am, I went to the yarn shop this week and walked out without buying a thing.

Yep, that's excitement.

27 September 2005

Quilting...Leslie Style

So, remember that list of 10 crafty projects that had, had, had to be done? Yeah, I try to forget my "to do" list too. Anyway, some of those items had deadlines and y'all know Leslie and her deadlines. Gotta love the thrill of scooting in, just under the wire with one of those big clocks in the sky ticking away and the crowd holding its breath wondering if I'll get that last seam done just as the buzzer goes off. Ah, the joys of a procrastinator. Ahem, not a procrastinator, just someone with too much s**t on her plate and an uncanny ability to give herself more s**t to do. (Yes, I write about the delicacies of the nineteenth century. Guess I spend all my pretty talk there and y'all get s**t on a plate. It's a blue willow plate. Does that help?)

Okay, so last night I decided to be wild and crazy and work on secret marriage present #2. Sara and Scott aren't visiting for almost two weeks and I was sewing already. I know, frightening thought. But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be trying to tack this one on Friday afternoon, wanting my friends to arrive but secretly hoping there's a traffic jam in Canada. Yeah, rural Canandian traffic jams are a booger. (Granted this is about as likely as a traffic jam in Wooldridge, but I'm assuming I'll be pretty darn desperate by next Friday. Maybe some cows will get out or something...)

And just to show proof of my work... Since we all know a good stiff drink is a good idea when working with sharp objects, figured a bit of Kahlua and cream would help the quilt along. My mama would be so proud. Ash, recognize those jeans? You know they're from our favorite rummage sale friends. Wonder if they'll have a special deal if I come home for Thanksgiving.

See, there's this random house close to Ashley's neighborhood and every time I come to town, they're having a sale. Now, they're not the kind of crazies who have sales every week. (Who'd do that? Not even I have enough s**t to do a rummage sale every weekend. And who'd want to deal with rummage salers, I mean, people like us every Saturday morning? Ugh.) Once, I attended their sale and found a few items. You have to when all clothes are a quarter. Then, in true Leslie style, I get the bright idea to make jean quilts for everyone I know including the mailman. (See above discussion of too much s**t on the plate.) Gotta buy fabric!!! Jokingly, I tell Ash that I hope her neighbors have gone on a diet and have a ton of fat people jeans to sell to me... for a quarter. I was pretty freaked out when we saw the sign at the front of their house and a collection of South Beach Diet books on the table. But lest you fear, I can make jean quilts for all the mailmen in my life and since you know how frequently I move, I tend to have a new one every few days.

Gotta get out the door. It's Tuesday and we all know what that means... 25% off for students at AmVets! How I love the smell of musty thrift stores in the morning.

24 September 2005

20 Things

On my Internet perusals, I've seen lots of lists... projects to finish, things to research, facts about the world, things to do. These last ones are often related to birthdays or major milestones in life. Thought it was time to post my own to motivate and challenge me to enjoy the last few months of my 20's. I've been doing pretty well on accomplishing some of those things that are indicative of the carefree, swinging single life but these are all new things that need to be tackled. Should make for good blog fodder at the very least...

Oh, and today I made progress on #1... over 3 miles for the first time in a long time.

20 Things To Do Before I Leave My 20s

1. Finish a competitive road race. Don’t have to win, just have to finish… crawling if I have to.

2. Knit a sweater I’m actually proud to wear in public.

3. Go on (another) incredibly romantic, magical date. I put in the “another” there just in case this one doesn’t happen. Or maybe I should just be willing to cross out the requirement of romance and magic. Despite the misery and heartbreak of the Jeff debacle, we had an incredible first date, the kind that seems completely un-real in how special it is. I’d like to be able to replace that night with something else that I can claim as the most magical night of my life.

4. I’d like to write “finish dissertation,” but that may be just setting up disappointment. I’d like to have four chapters written by my birthday. Let’s all cross our fingers and dare to dream.

5. Go on a vacation with the girls… lots of cosmos, gossip and maybe a beach.

6. Pull another academic all-nighter just because I want to finish something I have to write.

7. Pull another party all-nighter because I just don’t want to go home.

8. Develop a financial plan for paying off student loans and becoming fiscally independent. At the very least I need to be sure the checkbook balances. To my credit, the bank always says it has more money than I think I do, but would be nice to remember Miss Wood’s accounting lessons.

9. See the Christmas decorations in New York.

10. Pick up a guy at the bar to get his number instead of waiting until he asks for mine.

11. Wear the sexy silver miniskirt I wore in London.

12. Go on a weekend roadtrip… by myself.

13. Be able to fit all of my clothes into my closets. C’mon, I have 5 closets. This should not be as difficult as it is.

14. Submit at least one article for publication.

15. Attend a Victorian conference and do the networking scene instead of bailing out to watch Law & Order in my hotel room.

16. Wear a two piece bathing suit. (If I have to, I’ll claim the tankini counts on this one.)

17. Get sloppy, messy drunk and let friends worry about taking care of me.

18. Wear a fabulous dress to a fabulous dinner at a fabulous restaurant that I have no business patronizing. (Eat Ramen noodles for a month to save up for this dinner.)

19. Plan my next tattoo. Actually getting inked is dependent on #4. I should at least have the design figured out.

20. Have a full day where I feel content, happy, worry-free, blessed, thankful for all I’ve been given, comfortable in my own skin and fulfilled.

06 September 2005

A Mysterious Event

Holy gadzooks, Batman. Did you see what happened?

Golly jeepers, Robin, I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it with my own two eyes. She just turned in a CHAPTER.

But wait, Caped Dude, it gets even stranger. She’s already reading and working on the next one.

Little Fella, we better return to the bat lair and get our umbrellas before we head out to fight crime and look utterly ridiculous in our spandex and leather ensembles.

Umbrellas? Um, that won’t match my tights.

I know, but remember how nasty it gets when we’re working near the lake and the gulls do their duty overhead? Well, just imagine how bad it’s going to be with all the pigs flying out there.

Guess she learned her lesson when she was a babe and her mother left her outside in the playpen for the birds to poop on. No wonder she’s spending so much time in the library.

05 September 2005

More of the same

I remember taking a history exam wearing a red sock, a green sock and a blue sweatshirt, all topped off with my faded, dirty baseball cap.

Hadn't had more than mini-naps for days, was living off Totino's frozen pizzas and didn't even have time to go to Wal-Mart for new socks. Yeah, no way I was doing laundry. I could go from Thanksgiving to Christmas break, no problem.

The more things change... the more they stay the same.

Years later I'm running off little sleep, wearing strange outfits (sure this blue sweater is still clean... only visible stains are on the cuffs and who sees that...) and the same faded, even dirtier baseball cap. I've switched to pierogies instead of pizza, only because Wegmans doesn't carry my favorite cheap-o brand. And I now own enough socks to go for weeks, maybe even months, before I have to do the mis-match thing.

But damn, no matter how long I keep doing this, writing from 7 a.m. until midnight still sucks.

At this point, even doing laundry sounds like fun.

03 September 2005

Appearing on a blog near you...

So, did y’all think I’d melted into a greasy little spot out there in Missouri?

It was a close call, but with the help of some retail therapy, fabric stash enhancement, and a dose or two of mom’s homemade ice cream, I made it.

So why the heck haven’t you updated your blog yet, missy?

Um, well… Let’s just say I’ve been writing OTHER THINGS. I don’t want to talk too much about that just in case I curse it. Look for a post on Tuesday about that. And before you think I’ve completely gone bonkers being afraid to talk about THAT THING THAT I’VE DEVOTED EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY TO, there are people that refuse to change their undies until they turn in a chapter. I’m not kidding. People just think us nerdy types are loners by nature. It’s really because most of us stink.

Ahem, but don’t you worry. I like hygiene. I shower at least once a day… with soap even.

Aside from showering and writing, the return to school has kept me just a tiny, teency bit busy. With fighting for a parking spot and all, I hardly have time to do anything fun. But I’m a determined gal, so I do my best to inject a little levity into my day. Why, even today, I’ve… um… well… I did some knitting before I sat down at the computer. I’ve managed to throw on two loads of laundry. Yeah, wow, I need to get out more.

Anyway, since this started out being a crafty blog, I’ll just update on my latest Martha endeavors and play like I’m hip, which I’m not, but at least I don’t stink… yet.

It will come as no surprise to any of you, but I’m pretty sure I have crafty ADD. Start a friendship quilt? Sure, I’m your gal. Start a new sweater? Absolutely! Start a scrapbook of my time in Buffalo just before I leave Buffalo? Got the supplies already in the stash! Finish a project? *GASP, CHOKE, SPUTTER*

Yeah, so finishing isn’t really my thing. I like that initial rush when the supplies are all neatly folded in the corn dog box, the pattern is free from highlighting and scribbles and I haven’t once said any bad words after screwing something up. This is probably a topic for some deep analysis and therapy, but shoot, what fun is that? And after all, writing about my little finishing issues is most likely a diversion from finishing THAT THING that’s lurking over there in the opened Word file, ready for more of my attention.

Instead, I present to you my top ten crafty projects list. I solemnly swear before my blog readers (well, reader… hi, mom), my desk mascot (Rodin’s The Thinker in high end plaster of paris*), and the holy of holies MY CRAFTY STASH, I will not start another project until these are finished. If I do, I will relinquish my favorite Addi Turbo knitting needles to the gods of slothdom and let their shiny silver points be used as chopsticks.

1. Super Secret Wedding Present #1: 10 more minutes on this sucker, but it’s been sitting in the project bag since I got back from Missouri. Must have completed and wrapped before leaving town Friday morning. The clock is ticking.

2. Super Secret Wedding Present #2: Adapted from Christmas presents from several years ago. Started at quilt camp. Sara and Scott will be celebrating their tenth anniversary before this one gets the checkmark. Must sew, sew, sew…

3. The Pink Blob: This is supposed to be a trendy cocoon-style bolero wrappy thingy. Right now it looks like it’s going to be big enough to wrap around a horse and it will most likely look as ridiculous on me as it would on Ruby or Easy. (Those are my mom’s horses for all you city slicker readers.) Must finish before the trend is dead.

4. Shelby’s Hat: Trying to re-create Elle’s hat from Legally Blonde. Found a pattern, have the yarn, delayed because I must crochet this sucker alone so I can count out loud. Don’t laugh. At least I don’t have to use my toes. That’s for the counting. But man, if I could use my toes to crochet… wow, the mind boggles at the super productivity that would allow. Something to consider…

5. Irish Hiking Set: Scarf, check. Fingerless mitts, not seamed. Hat, topless. So close, yet so far away. Must finish before I can begin hiking in Ireland. Or trekking to the library in a matching set of handknit, cabled coolness.

6. Ribbi Dibbi Cardi: Excuse no longer applicable. It’s not so hot that I’ll felt the wool with my own sweat if I knit on it. Get cracking before this becomes the summer sweater for 2006. If I’m not careful, Rachel will start this sucker four months after I do and be sporting hers before I’m even ready to start knitting the sleeves.

7. Vive le Bag: I’m thinking this babe has been cursed from the get-go. It took approximately 92 hours for the JoAnn’s workers to cut, price and sell my two yards of fusible fleece. The snails have invaded and taken over here. The cutie patootie poodle appliqu├ęs are awaiting their debut. Stupid little mutts are going to suffocate in the plastic packages before long…

8. Terrific Teal T: Round and round she goes, when she’ll be wearable, nobody knows.

9. Beaded Scarf: Set aside as my portable project but it rarely leaves the house. She’s getting to be quite the homebody. She’s got beads, people, she should be a dancing queen displaying all her finery.

10. Design Your Own Diva: Last spring I started a lace sweater that combined several patterns using my absolutely favorite yarn. Ended up being one of those “thinking” projects and as I try to avoid that whole brain thing as much as possible, it got shelved. Time to get out the calculator and give this challenge another go.

Whew, I’m ashamed to say that this isn’t even the entire list of my works in progress. I gots me some knittin’ to do!