24 September 2005

20 Things

On my Internet perusals, I've seen lots of lists... projects to finish, things to research, facts about the world, things to do. These last ones are often related to birthdays or major milestones in life. Thought it was time to post my own to motivate and challenge me to enjoy the last few months of my 20's. I've been doing pretty well on accomplishing some of those things that are indicative of the carefree, swinging single life but these are all new things that need to be tackled. Should make for good blog fodder at the very least...

Oh, and today I made progress on #1... over 3 miles for the first time in a long time.

20 Things To Do Before I Leave My 20s

1. Finish a competitive road race. Don’t have to win, just have to finish… crawling if I have to.

2. Knit a sweater I’m actually proud to wear in public.

3. Go on (another) incredibly romantic, magical date. I put in the “another” there just in case this one doesn’t happen. Or maybe I should just be willing to cross out the requirement of romance and magic. Despite the misery and heartbreak of the Jeff debacle, we had an incredible first date, the kind that seems completely un-real in how special it is. I’d like to be able to replace that night with something else that I can claim as the most magical night of my life.

4. I’d like to write “finish dissertation,” but that may be just setting up disappointment. I’d like to have four chapters written by my birthday. Let’s all cross our fingers and dare to dream.

5. Go on a vacation with the girls… lots of cosmos, gossip and maybe a beach.

6. Pull another academic all-nighter just because I want to finish something I have to write.

7. Pull another party all-nighter because I just don’t want to go home.

8. Develop a financial plan for paying off student loans and becoming fiscally independent. At the very least I need to be sure the checkbook balances. To my credit, the bank always says it has more money than I think I do, but would be nice to remember Miss Wood’s accounting lessons.

9. See the Christmas decorations in New York.

10. Pick up a guy at the bar to get his number instead of waiting until he asks for mine.

11. Wear the sexy silver miniskirt I wore in London.

12. Go on a weekend roadtrip… by myself.

13. Be able to fit all of my clothes into my closets. C’mon, I have 5 closets. This should not be as difficult as it is.

14. Submit at least one article for publication.

15. Attend a Victorian conference and do the networking scene instead of bailing out to watch Law & Order in my hotel room.

16. Wear a two piece bathing suit. (If I have to, I’ll claim the tankini counts on this one.)

17. Get sloppy, messy drunk and let friends worry about taking care of me.

18. Wear a fabulous dress to a fabulous dinner at a fabulous restaurant that I have no business patronizing. (Eat Ramen noodles for a month to save up for this dinner.)

19. Plan my next tattoo. Actually getting inked is dependent on #4. I should at least have the design figured out.

20. Have a full day where I feel content, happy, worry-free, blessed, thankful for all I’ve been given, comfortable in my own skin and fulfilled.

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