06 September 2005

A Mysterious Event

Holy gadzooks, Batman. Did you see what happened?

Golly jeepers, Robin, I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it with my own two eyes. She just turned in a CHAPTER.

But wait, Caped Dude, it gets even stranger. She’s already reading and working on the next one.

Little Fella, we better return to the bat lair and get our umbrellas before we head out to fight crime and look utterly ridiculous in our spandex and leather ensembles.

Umbrellas? Um, that won’t match my tights.

I know, but remember how nasty it gets when we’re working near the lake and the gulls do their duty overhead? Well, just imagine how bad it’s going to be with all the pigs flying out there.

Guess she learned her lesson when she was a babe and her mother left her outside in the playpen for the birds to poop on. No wonder she’s spending so much time in the library.

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