12 October 2006

Things you do NOT want to do on October 12

1. Hear the words LAKE EFFECT or SIGNIFICANT ACCUMULATION. (Be very, very thankful if you do not understand what LAKE EFFECT means.)

2. See snow blowing up from said lake and onto the highway from three different directions

2. Witness your first guy-falling-on-his-ass-in-the-snow episode of the season

3. Witness your first car-slamming-into-another-car episode of the season

4. Scrape snow off your car without the protection of a coat, gloves or a hat because you stupidly believed the forecast which only called for light rain

5. Come home to open windows and a small snow accumulation… inside your apartment

So I believe tonight’s plan is to shovel out my living room and get started on some new mittens. I’m sooooo not ready for this again.


Kris said...

painful, painful, painful. Luckily, here the "lake effect" is not hitting us quite yet. Good luck shoveling out the apartment. Stupid forecast.

a. said...

I can't believe you already have snow. Supposedly a cool front will be coming through here tonight and the high tomorrow will be 72. I'm soooooo looking forward to it :o) Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

btw, for some reason blogger is showing me as 'A'. just me, amanda :o)

Lone Knitter said...

I was thinking about you last night when the weather person said that snow was falling in Buffalo! It's so chilly in my apartment right now. I can't imagine being as cold as you are! I think I need to whip up some wrist warmers for computer use.