30 October 2006


I spent a lovely weekend pursuing an old hobby: hunting for treasures (or junk as the case may be). I used to be a regular at thrift stores and rummage sales, filling my trunk with all sorts of baubles and bric-a-brac. I'd pick up this and that with the all-too-common justification, "I can make something out of that."

Enter FlyLady and I reformed (for the most part), realizing that I had more projects than I could ever complete, more gee-gaws than I could ever display and more second-hand clothes than I could ever wear. I've been off the rummage sale circuit for several summers now and my Amvets trips are generally to deposit rather than accumulate.

However, I do miss the thrill of the chase and what better reason to return to the musty aisles than a visit from an out-of-town friend who loves a good junk hunt?

So, Saturday afternoon we headed out and returned with arms full of goodies, which is a big improvement over returning home with a car full of goodies. The damage to my storage was minimal, a sake set and a polka dot dish for the kitchen... some lace, vintage tropical fabric and appliqued quilt blocks for the craft room... and a wire baseket to "fauxganize" something."

I'm really enamoured with this find... 24 blocks on canvas, approx. 24"x24" with flannel flag squares appliqued in the center (and all for only $12). Although these pictures make them look rather bright, the colors are muted and look old. I can't find any rhyme or reason to the countries chosen and I have no clue how I'm going to piece these. Right now I'm thinking I want some sort of folk art flannel like this, but this may be put on the back burner until I get to the big quilting show/event/shopping spree in Paducah, KY in May.

To be perfectly honest, I actually got a warm-up sesson last Wednesday when another friend invited me on an Amvets hunt after I made a total pig of myself at the Indian buffet. All you can eat chicken malai, um, sure, I'll take more of that. And yes, I'd love to give that nifty pink dish set a new home, thankyouverymuch.

It's very nice to rediscover old loves (even if they smell a bit musty) but I think I'll stick to my thrift store avoidance for the sake of my bank account and my closet. Well, I'll stay away for a week or two at least...


African Kelli said...

I am loving that pink dish. So, so pretty! Great find.

Lone Knitter said...

The pink dish is awesome. It's so retro. What are you going to put in it? Knitting notions? Buttons? Balls of leftover yarn?