03 September 2006

Mixin' It Up

Just as I can't seem to stick to a single project long enough to finish it, I can't stick to a single craft. Right now I'm generally bouncing between my knitting needles and my sewing machine, but who knows... next up? Decoupage? Scrapbooking? Basket weaving?

I finally finished this quilt and picked it up recently. This is one of those UFO's that marinated for a long, long time. I bought the fabric while I was working on my first master's... yes, I have two because one useless master's degrees just wasn't quite enough. Anyhoo, who could resist fabric like this:

We all know my inability to resist the siren call of cool fabric. So I bought... and I stashed... and stashed... and stashed. Y'all think I kid about my concern for dry rot in my stash. This little gem started in my college town in Missouri, moved back to the parental homestead, then made it to four different addresses here in Buffalo before ever feeling the whack of the rotary cutter. Serious stashing... When it finally came time to rip into it, I stacked and whacked to make a bunch of these:

And then you whip 'em all together and make this:

Put this onto the back:

And you've got yourself a quilt! Easy Peasy, right? So why'd it take me 8 years to finish? (No jokes about how long it takes me to finish things, Mom... quilts and dissertations demand long marination times... years... decades... eons...)

Pattern: Stack 'n Whack (Don't quilt names just sound so violent... rotary cutters and seam rippers make pointy little knitting needles seem quite passe.)

Fabric: Um, a bunch purchased in unknown locales... notably the Ben Franklin in Macon, MO... because you never know what little gem is waiting in Backwardsville, USA

Dates: 1999 (maybe) - 2006... see, marination is key

Quilter: Joyce R., a.k.a., The Princess (not sure how she feels about her full name on the internet... Oh, the stories to be told about The Princess... but I'll save those for when I finally get around to recapping my recent Quilt Camp adventures.)

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Lone Knitter said...

You are so talented! I love that quilt. The shapes and colors and pattern are all so beautiful. You know that feeling you sometimes get when you see a really cute baby and it makes you want to run out and get pregnant? (Okay...maybe I'm the only one with that feeling.) Your quilt makes me want to run out and get a sewing machine and quilting books and start a material stash!