17 September 2006

Accessorize, Dahhhhling, Accessorize

As any good fashionista knows, it's all in the accessories. While no one will ever confuse moi with a fashionista, I do like me a good bangle, bebob, bedazzle and bling. And knitting? Oh yeah, we're down with the accessories. So this weekend I sat myself down at the sewing machine and the bead boxes and made a few little items to trick out some knitting caches around Blogland.

The fabric is Henry Glass & Co. (it has small balls of yarn, if you can't tell from my pic) and the pouch pattern is a tutorial on Crafster, just in case you're interested. (See, Lone Knitter, I will get you into sewing, oh yes, I will get you into sewing...)

My own knitting cache was boosted this weekend with the arrival of my prize from Marisa. (Go check out her gorgeous hat. I'm thinking about a nice little set, paired with the Kureyon scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Would certainly brighten up those dreary winter days that are just around the corner...)

Here's a girl who knows how to accessorize. Not only did she send yarn, but a pattern and "sustenance" to keep me knitting. All topped off with a South Dakota postcard to feed my fantasy of escaping to the middle of nowhere with nothing but my yarn and coffee.

And since we all like a little yarn porn... gotta love the Trekking...


amanda said...

Very cute bags!

Lone Knitter said...

I didn't even know that Craftster existed. A cool site. I'm amazed that you didn't make just one bag, but like eight or so! And stitch markers too? You're on fire.

You know, I did pass by a sewing machine shop the other day, and I thought about going in.

My mother is giving me her 70s Singer. But there's a catch: as soon as I get a husband, baby, and house, she says. What? I told her that she just might have that Singer forever if that's the deal!

Debby said...

Love the accessory bags and print!

I'm new to your site...thanks for sharing your great trip to the yarn festival with us. Looks like you found lots of bargains too good to resist. :)

Marisa said...

I'm glad you got the package! (My aunt and uncle once got a note from the post office apologizing for wet mail because the truck ran into a lake--dead serious ;-D)

If you need help with the hat, I can give you more detailed instructions, but it's pretty easy for an intrepid knitter...you shouldn't have a problem with it.