02 September 2006

Rainbow Brite Socks

These socks are dedicated to all you children of the 80s. Socks to help you, Starlite, and Twink save Rainbow Land.

Rainbow Brite Trekkers

Pattern: Chevron Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Trekking 135, gift from Christina
Dates: Summer 2006
Recipient: Miss Brite herself, or maybe just a kid who used to watch Miss Brite on Saturday mornings with powdered donuts and a strict order not to wake up mom with any nonsense like beating up my little brother
Notes: This pattern used a forethought heel which I really liked. I suppose there may be a concern about how well this will wear, but it's not like I'm really planning to run around saving Rainbow Land in these puppies. (Excuse the gaping hole on the right sock... Twink had an emergency and called me away before I finished sewing it up. The work of a super hero is never finished.) Anyway, love the little bull's eye effect the heel creates and there are no stitches to pick up, although I did have a bit of a challenge with getting my provisional cast on stitches back onto the needle without twisting them.

The chevron pattern looks great in the wide stripes of this yarn. I liked it so much I started it on a more subdued colorway of Opal sock yarn for my mom (to make up for all the times I did wake her up on Saturday morning by beating up my little brother). So far, I'm not liking it so much on a colorway with uneven stripes and a lot of variation. Choose yer stripes wisely, O sock knitter.

If you need any Rainbow Brite refreshers, try here and here. Since the 80s are back in, I'm sure I'll be seeing Rainbow Brite baby tees on all the students on campus. Should I reveal my age by telling them that I remember when the show was actually on TV and as a result demanded that my room have a rainbow theme? Nah, didn't think so.

Nor will I be revealing that I knit Rainbow Brite socks. No need to encourage the old lady comments from the hip little youngsters!


krisknits2 said...

Wow - flash back. I so remember Rainbow Brite, Punky Brewster, the Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake. Have you seen that the Cabbage Patch Kids are back? That freaks me out. Will the Garbage Pail Kids make a return too?

Great job on the socks. I really like the pattern.

amanda said...

Thanks for the flashback! Your new socks look great :o)

redheadskydiver said...

Love the socks! Loved Rainbow Brite too.

Lone Knitter said...

New socks??? I'm so jealous. They look awesome. Don't you love trying out new methods? I always wanted a Rainbow Brite doll; maybe I'll just make some Rainbow Brite socks!