01 September 2006

Just a Walk in the Park

So did you start thinking I just sat around and received presents all the time? I actually do some knitting once in a blue moon. This week I started the Central Park Hoodie and got to put my new stitch markers into play.

I'm using Cascade 220 Quatro color 5016 and Addi Turbos (sz 8). The color is waaaaay off in the pic but I liked the composition so there you go. The illusions of the internet. The real color is here if you want to investigate. It's a pale pink/lavendar combo and I'm a bit concerned that it's a wee too twee and not enough tweed but I'll give it a go and maybe with the right buttons, I can avoid looking like I'm wearing an Easter sweater from Baby Gap.

So far I love how the ribbing transitions into the cables neatly and it's a very easy knit. I'm thinking I could be seeing my Rhinebeck wardrobe here...

1 comment:

krisknits2 said...

It is really cute. Just because it is pink and lavendar does NOT mean that you will look like the easter bunny.