03 July 2006

Ah... Calm

Yay, another turn to brag on my secret pal. Yarn Kitty read in my questionnaire that I haven't found a cotton that I adore so she decided to do something about that. Little did she know that she would also be helping me turn my weekend guffaw around.

In case the picture isn't clear, she sent some great Batherapy (mmm... lavender bath salts), spa soaps and gorgeous crocheted cloths. (I'll add another picture of these so you can see the great patterns. Talk about inspiration to take up hooking...) Of course there was chocolate. I've surprised myself with the restraint I've demonstrated. There is still some left. Of course, that's because Rachel got me granola and Shelby got me chocolate biscotti for my birthday. I'm trying to be good, but a girl has her limits.

The yarn, in case you don't recognize it, is Rowan Calmer. Ah, feel calmer already... She sent a pattern for it, but I was poking about the internet and thinking about giving it a try in Magknits Nothin' but a T-Shirt (because don't we all have a soft spot for Jessica Simpson music???) or a Berroco lace sweater pattern (made a little more fitted and possibly with 3/4 sleeves for a summer look). Surely with a name like Calmer, the finished product is destined to be a success. I'm a big cardigan sweater wearer so always looking for an excuse to add another to the rotation. (Have you done any sweaters with it, Yarn Kitty? Any suggestions?)

There was another cloth in the package that I'll have to show tomorrow. She's in the laundry and I'm sure the internet doesn't need to see pictures of my dirty wash. I may have restraint on the chocolate, but Thursday's airport journey demanded a follow-up bath. At least after a few days, all has returned to normal here (despite hearing way too many times about how good Mom's homemade ice cream was...). I've added a new list to my other blog but I want to write about it as well. Eventually I'll get there. Oh, and I've managed to check one thing off the list. Any guesses?

Anyway, hopefully I'll get time to do catch-up blogging tomorrow. Believe it or not, I actually still knit and have a few things to show. I guess it really is true that when you hit the big 3-0, you get forgetful and tired and disorganized. Dimensia is just around the corner... Is there a yarn to cure that?

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the package! I liked how you hid the strange shape of the green clothe in the pictures, thanks for hiding my mistakes! I haven't made anything out of the calmer yet myself but I do have a cardigan out of Big Girl Knits on my list to make out of it, eventually. If you need more and have any troubles finding that dye lot let me know. I think I would have gone insane at the airport, glad you kept your calm :)