04 July 2006

And a fun time was had by all...

30th Birthday Party
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Just to make everyone drool, I had to show off the pictures of (1) our yummy desserts and (2) my gorgeous friends. Hey, hot women and chocolate... something for everyone, right? (If you like to combine these two luxuries, that's up to you. Those are pics for an entirely different kind of website.)

So to celebrate my entry into a new decade, one where I think I'm supposed to start acting like a grown-up, I summoned the posse and we headed out to a waterfront restaurant for some grease and river breezes. Maybe a few too many breezes considering Erica and Rachel's coats... After our meal and a stroll to the dock (which totally burnt off all the calories of those french fries), we headed to one of the most amazing dessert places we've found. And yes, we've done our homework on dessert places. I'm not sure if I was more impressed by the engineering on the fancy pants bathroom sink or on Shelby's dessert (both of which were not captured with phtographic evidence), but there were gasps and sighs.

All in all, a great birthday. Thanks, girls! Who do we get to celebrate next?

Oh, and I promise the top inches of Shelby's head are gorgeous. The picture is actually very nice but for some reason the Flickr mosaic tool chopped her off. I'm learning, but these new-fangled toys are sometimes too much for me. And no, Susannah and Hilda aren't zombies. Again, blame the non-techie here who can't seem to figure out the proper flash setting. I should stick with knitting and old books.

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