16 July 2006

Off the Deep End

I have lost my bloody mind. In the next few weeks I need to finish a newsletter that goes out to 22,000 readers, submit another draft of the current dissertation chapter and get everything ready for a 10-day family visit to Missouri, including a quilt camp weekend.

So this morning I decided to start two new projects...

Since my Knitpicks order came, I jumped on the bandwagon of the Mystery Stole 2. Surprisingly my order came within a week. I ordered two sets of their new needles to give them a spin and ooh la la, I think these little puppies are going to make fast work of lace. If I wasn't totally addicted to this project and wanting to get in a few more rows before crashing, I'd give you the scoop on what I've learned from the knit-along. There will be time for that, I'm sure. I'll likely be working on this one until I'm in the nursing home.

And since it's baby time around these parts, I start Trellis. So far so good on this one although my attempt at learning to cable without a cable needle still needs some fine tuning. Don't look closely or you'll see several mistakes. The good knitter in me is saying that I should rip down and correct them, but the naughty knitter is reminding me that the whole sweater will likely be covered in spit up shortly after its debut so why bother. I'm going with the naughty knitter on this one. (Check out Yarn Kitty's stitch markers... what did I ever do before my secret pal hooked me up?)

So I'll be in the local loony bin if you need me. Bring your knitting. It'll be a party!

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