15 July 2006

Say "Yes!"

(No, not to THAT question… And don’t even think that’s where this post is going, Mom!)

Anyway, yesterday I went to the beach with Laurie and her three-year-old. We had been discussing a knitting night but due to unforeseen circumstances (namely a mother-in-law needing emergency surgery post sidewalk fall), our evening of yarn and cocktails was changed to a day of lake and sand. On Thursday evening, when Laurie suggested the alternate plan, I almost gave my usual response, “No, I shouldn’t go to the beach all day because I need to work.” It’s automatic really, the “No, I shouldn’t…” Somewhere in my mind, I’ve trained myself that “No, I shouldn’t replace my ratty wardrobe until I lose weight.” “No, I shouldn’t go out for drinks so I can get up early to work.” “No, I shouldn’t go for a walk until I write a few more pages.” “No, I shouldn’t buy yarn until I use up every yard of what I own.”

Really, the mantra is that “No, I shouldn’t have a life until I finish the dissertation, become movie star thin, and have a perfect apartment.” Yeah, we all know how well that plan is gonna go…

So this week, I practiced saying “Yes!” Well, "Yes!" to everything but blogging...

After Monday’s gloomy post, I had a productive writing day on Tuesday, endured/enjoyed an intense, super-sweaty workout and then said “Sure!” when Laurie asked me to go for a walk. I even said “Yippee” when she suggested we go for ice cream… despite knowing that would mean walking on Elmwood, the place to see and be seen, and specifically, not to be seen sporting the stinky gym look (and smell). So after four hours of exercise, my body was just on the point of collapsing when I got terrific news from home. I’ve got baby knitting to do! Now that deserves a “Yes!” It also deserves many, many postings about the knitting objects to be completed. Let the cuteness commence.

Wednesday brought yet more opportunities to actually just relax and enjoy a bit of summertime fun. At the office we have monthly “Warm and Fuzzies.” Yes, I too was a little worried the first time I got the “warm and fuzzy” announcement while sitting in my concrete box, typing away as a good writer should. Barely knowing anyone, I was just told, “Come on, it’s warm and fuzzy time.” Um, yeah, okay, see, I need to work on this little article about Joe Schmoe getting a job promotion and I really don’t think I’m ready for whatever or whomever goes by the name of ‘warm and fuzzy.’ Of course, I should’ve known it was going to be about food, as pretty much everything in the office has to do with food. Basically, once a month the office gets together for an hour (or two) of fun and silliness (and food). I once thought that it was a bit of a waste. You mean we’re getting paid to go do a wine and cheese tasting? I’m supposed to go enjoy an ice cream sundae now? The longer I’ve been at the office though I’ve seen how these little events are actually rather wise management. I talk to people I rarely see, even though they are just at the other end of the hall. By conversing about what we did over the weekend, we foster relationships that usually lead to agreements to stay a little late to help on a big project or stopping our own work to assist someone else stuck on a problem. Maybe this philosophy of a little work and a little play has something to it…

Anyway, after earning a respectable second place for the washer toss (lost to the Dean… I think it’s only right to lose to the big boss), I decided to take in a little shopping, another of my usual denials. (Yes, there was more yarn at the clearance sale… since I didn’t get enough glittery acrylic crap the first time.) I had to run a few errands at the mall and lo and behold there were clearance sales at my favorite shops. I was able to stay within budget and get a few updates for summer/fall wear. Thursday brought another opportunity for fun with a dinner out and then Friday’s sand and sun expedition topped off what turned out to be a really great week.

Of course a great week means a weekend with the diss, but could be worse. At least I have the memories of getting out and about to inspire me to keep my nose to the grindstone until the next opportunity to say “yes” comes my way. So, since it's summer, let's make a deal. When someone asks if we'd like to get out there, enjoy life a little, try something new, or shoot, buy yarn, let's all say "yes." The work (and the stash) will be here waiting for us come fall.

Random Addendums (with more to come):

* Thanks for all the comments on my kerplunk off the non-stashing wagon. I’m not sure any of you would help with the “to stash or not to stash” question as I think you all are complete enablers! Dangerous, dangerous ladies! The latest trip to the sale meant I bought fabric. I really have a disease. It's contagious. Consider yourself warned.
* I'll post info soon on Buffalo area yarn stores, Pam. They're definitely worth a trip from your area.
* Since I've decided to go completely hog-wild with my knitting projects (and never finish a thing... ever again), I signed up for the Mystery Stole 2 and the Yarn Aboard exchange. I really am truly hopeless.
* I may just post some knitting content soon. That is, unless I start a new project...

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