05 July 2006

Sock it to me

Although the Trekking socks have yet to undertake a maiden voyage into the wilderness, the first one is nearing completion.

I'm using colorway #135 and a chevron pattern from Sensational Socks, I think. I'll check those details when I'm not too tired to get up from the desk. The pattern is easy to memorize and I got to try out a new heel.

It's a before-thought heel, or something to that effect. Despite the gaping hole there that will need a little sewing action, me likey. The look of a short-row (sorta) but without the fuss of purling... a winner with me!

Random note: Yarn Kitty, it's a good thing you're (a) anonymous (for now) and (b) far away because you could get this knitter into trouble. Are you thinking of doing the pink and brown cardigan in Big Girl Knits? That was one of the reasons I recently bought the book. I may just be going to investigate Calmer colors. I see blue and brown for fall... Have you found the knitalong group on Yahoo? Guess you can't tell me if you're a regular poster there, but so far I'm just a lurker. Must finish up some of the projects in the queue before jumping in there. But great book that will give me many future projects!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the pink and brown one is the one I'm talking about in Big Girl Knits. I love that book! I have so many projects planned in there. I think blue and brown would be a great combination. I was thinking about a light blue and a navy blue possibly myself. No, I haven't found the Yahoo group but I'll have to look for it now. I already have yarn for two other projects from the book but I have some other things I need to finish first before I can get too carried away with them! By the way, the socks are gorgeous, love them! Yarn.Kitty

Marisa said...

Wow! Those are some amazing colors...I heart Trekking. Can't wait to see some FO's from the Big Girl Knits. I haven't had a chance to look through it yet--must get to B&N for knitting books...;-)