30 June 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #3: A Poem

The Summer Sestina: Or, Swearing on my Christmas Stole

Tis on this day I begin my latest challenge.
I was looking for some blog activities to enhance my summer
and stumbled upon mention of
The Amazing Lace.
“Aha!” I thought. “Perfect way to make myself finish off that Christmas stole.
I’ll get out my needles and sit down to knit.
I’ll think of pics to take and things to write with every purl.”

Knit and purl, I did, and purl and purl and purl,
projects growing with each row, but finding each a challenge.
My mind started wandering to new things to knit,
planning away the hours of endless summer.
Yes, you guessed it, I abandoned yet again the Christmas stole
for newer, fancier sweaters, socks and shawls, all lace, lace, lace.

Oh wait, I gasped, there’s that blog thing, The Amazing Lace.
The first task is an
introduction, gotta be a pearl.
Arrange the photo shoot, get out the Christmas stole.
This is fun, glad I took the challenge.
I can do this, will finish before the end of summer.
It’s so nice right now, just sit outside and knit.

Knit I did, yes sirree, but on what project did I knit?
Was it a sweater, scarf or socks? Was it even lace?
The heat baked my brain, oh yes, it was summer.
Here a project, there a project, try a new combination of knit and purl.
Keeping my focus, that’s always a challenge.
Hours needed for this and that, from the UFO at hand, I stole.

I need those needles, the ones in a project. Sorry, Christmas stole.
There’s a sweater to be knit,
it’s the perfect challenge.
It will make up for that
sweater I destroyed, the one of lace.
I couldn’t remember what needles to use, when to knit and purl,
so I ripped her out for all my neighbors to see as they enjoyed their night of summer.

Oh my, where has the time gone? It’s almost the middle of summer!
There it sits, patiently waiting, unfinished yet, the Christmas stole.
Here I sit, at the computer type, type, type instead of purl, knit, purl, knit, purl.
But after this poem is published, I’ve time to knit.
Isn’t that the purpose, after all, of the Amazing Lace?
Have some fun, be creative, and enjoy each challenge!

I wonder, though, what I should I knit to be ready for the next challenge.
Maybe I should return to a WIP, was I on a knit or purl? Oh my, I swear, by the end of summer,
I will be finished with that Christmas stole. We’ve months to go, after all, in The Amazing Lace.

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susannah said...

i bow before thee.