04 June 2006

Amazing Lace Intro: With Kicky Music

Well, Amazing Lacers, let's meet our next team! This group tells me they've choreographed a little intro song for us today. How, um, cheerful!

Here's the story,
Of a lovely knitter,
Who was busy with a very d’manding life.
All of it took her away, from her knitting,
‘Til the Amazing Lace started.

Here's the story,
Of some lace named Stole-y,
Who was waiting with three other projects.
They were four WIPs,
Living all together, but they were all alone-.

Till the one day when the knitter got her needles,
and they knew it was much more than a hunch.
That this group,
Must somehow form a family.
That's the way we all became the Lacey Bunch,
The Lacey Bunch- the Lacey Bunch
That's the way- we became the Lacey Bunch.


The Knitter: Slightly neurotic young lady livin’ it up as a grad student in Buffalo, NY

Her Life:

The Job that Pays the Bills: Read, write, edit… repeat

The “To-Do” List: hit the gym, clean the house, pay the bills, cook the dinner, call friends

The Diss: Novels, novels, and more novels…

Stoley: An overdue Christmas present of the Knitter’s own design

The WIPs:

The Sweater: The Knitter’s attempt at designing a sweater… fussy, fiddly, and not likely to fit, but she sure is pretty

Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style
: Dependable, predictable and sturdy, but always overlooked for the latest fad

Opera Scarf: The wee little project that’s been waiting in the wings for many a month, patiently hoping for her turn in the spotlight

Well, they may not be the Partridge Family, but they've got some kick! Good luck in the race. And remember, if you get into trouble, just call on Alice!


Heather said...


Great theme song intro, and very ambitious projects! Good luck!

Lone Knitter said...

Leslie, good luck with your lace knitting. I started a lace stole in February and haven't had an urge to get back to it...I'm blaming it on the yarn. Love the theme song!

susannah said...

your song is marvelous, but a little alarming! i'm glad you are starting a new exciting angle on the knitting, but, wow, there are whole verses!

Debby said...

What a great theme song! I love the Brady Bunch (if only life were that simple). Good Luck with your projects!

Gwen said...

I couldn't get the music for some reason, but of course I know the tune. How clever you are. Love your Lacy Bunch!