07 June 2006

Being Humble

I'm not going to brag and say that my Secret Pal is better than other secret pals, but Yarn Kitty, you rock. I've been enjoying all your comments and do look forward to chatting sometime as I'd like to hear more about your knitting projects and life outside of knitting (I know, sometimes I forget there's life outside of knitting...). Oh, and I've already got a question for you, see below.

Anyway, so today I get home from a long day of editing photos at the office and was greeted by a FedEx box. Woo hoo! I'm not sure if this was planned, but this was literally what the corner looked like. What a tease... two inches of yarn sticking out as if I wasn't going to tear into that sucker immediately!

This picture isn't the clearest, but she made this great little amulet bag out of Trekking and included two sets of stitch markers. I've already put them to use since I was just getting ready to start a row that needed marking. (Yes, another new project; I've had castonitis. I'll try to get a better pic of the markers when I start writing about that sweater.) I'm not sure if she made the little book, but someone did and it's great. Sometimes I get handmade things like this and I never use them because I want to keep them "special." Well, I've already decided this is going to be my sock journal where I can start keeping track of the patterns I've used and the variations, needles, etc. And to get started with another sock project, she got me Trekking #135! I tried to get a good picture of the color but tonight was not a friendly night with my camera. It's very bright and summery, perfect to start hiking with.

She included some yummy candy and a card with a great line: "When Bernie asked Madge what sort of books she was interested in, she told him checkbooks." I like Madge! After some time with my library stash today, I really think she has the right idea.

So, thank you, Yarn Kitty. I can't wait to finish off the sock on my needles and get started. Here's the question since it looks like you've knit with Trekking before. I've read that it has a slightly bigger gauge than many sock yarns. What needles did you use? How many cast-on stitches? I've been using the magic loop method on Addi #1s and casting on anywhere from 56-64 stitches depending on the yarn. Might have to do some experimenting and keep track of my trials and tribulations in my snazzy new sock journal.


krisknits2 said...

What a great gift from your SP.

Anonymous said...

I knit the amulet bag on #2 dpns but my trekking socks have been on #1.5 dpns and I get about 8-9 st/in. I cast on 64-72 stitches for a typical sock, depending on whether it's a lose stitch like ribbing or a tight stitch like the jaywalkers. I wear a size 7 shoe but have pretty wide feet, a 8.75" circumference. I didn't make the book by the way, I found it at an art festival. I hope that you like the colors too. Yarn.Kitty