27 June 2006

A Big One

3..0.. *gulp*

For anyone keeping track, no, I didn't even come close to making my goal of the 20 Things to Do in my Twenties list... oops. I've started a new one... 30 Things for 30. I'm going to keep it simpler. What with age and all, it may be a challenge to take my walker and grey hair to the grocery store now.

I've also got another of those oh-so-boring-to-everyone-else introspective posts that's simmering, waiting to be polished off and published. Eh, I'll get to it before I'm 40. That is unless my Alzheimer's kicks in and I forget.

What I won't forget is to thank all of you for your birthday well wishes. It was nice to hear from you again, Yarn Kitty, and for those of you more local, see you at the bar. I'll be the one avoiding the birthday tiara like it's the plague.

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