20 June 2006

Look, Ma! ReinYARNation

Yes, yes, bad, bad pun... but the yarn, it's alive again!

Is it mere coincidence that I'm currently writing about Vanity Fair's Becky Sharp who may have axed off her lover for his insurance money and my last post created rumors that I'm a yarn murderess? They always say you have to watch the quiet ones. And those Victorians... whoever fooled people into thinking they were all sunshine and lace turned a rather scandalous group into a bunch of ho-hums and did us all a big disservice.

Anyway, the yarn corpse of this past weekend has been re-born and the lace knitting has resumed. I'm not so sure the yarn has made peace with this identity yet, but I've decided to give the Knit 'n Style sweater a whirl. I'm leaving off the bobbles in the middle of the cables because, um, ick and with the two cables running up the middle of her "girls," the bobbles sorta give the sweater the nipply effect, no? Guess the holes in the lace make the poor girl a little chilly.

So, my inch and half up top there are my new start. You knit the bottom band and then pick up for the front and back. Let's see, my hip size, minus the inch and a half already completed, I'll wear this one in about 20 years.

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