18 November 2007


More like NaNotSoMuch. Oh well, I honestly didn’t have too much faith in my daily posting abilities, but so long as it gets me posting more often, it’s worth it to stick to it.

I actually wanted the post the day after I wrote that miserly gripe about the $12 pattern. I really do support the work of designers and don’t mind paying for their intellectual and artistic labor. I don’t expect everything to be a Knitty free pattern and if the bag pattern contains a large stencil, I imagine the printing costs are rather exorbitant. I do think some of the simpler Noni patterns are a bit over-priced, but again, for the large Medallion pattern, I absolutely agree that $8 is fair. My personal knitting choices at the moment, however, are ruled by my desire to knit from the stash… both yarn AND patterns so I’m hesitating to purchase any new tools, gadgets or books as well as no new yarn. I still may pick up the Noni pattern if I can find it locally but for now, I’m going to be content with trying things that I don’t have to bust out the wallet for. And we all know that there’s plenty in my crafty stash to keep me busy for a long, long, long time.

I also wanted to post to have a chuckle at the cosmic irony of having my fugly declaration followed up by the first sweater pattern that I’ve seen lately that I’m really, really dying to knit. I’ve been obsessing about Oblique since it was posted and I’m hoping that I can find something in said stash that will work. I’ve seen some versions on Ravelry using worsted wt. and I’m waiting to see how that turns out. I don’t want to do a lot of complicated re-sizing so I’m hopeful that the lace factor makes up for the lighter yarn. I’m hoping to try some swatching with Lamb’s Pride to see if the mohair content gives the wool a little bulkier feel with a bit of a halo. I used this yarn last year on Lara and it’s such a dense, warm sweater that I can only wear it once it gets really cold around here (which it does… often). Even then, I generally have to take it off when I’m sitting at my desk.

So… anyway, I have three FOs to show so maybe just maybe I can keep up the posting this week. But first, I want to show what’s on the needles because I’m having major project love. Although we’ve been weather-blessed of yet and still are snow-free, it’s been chilly and blustery. I’ve enjoyed busting out the scarf collection but am wanting something a little more… substantial. My Clapotis is earning its keep but a girl’s gotta have variety.

Enter Lady Eleanor…

Oh my, my, my… if you haven’t done a Lady Eleanor, get thee to some Silk Garden stat. The entrelac is completely addictive and fast, but consider yourself warned you that you’ll stay up past your bedtime just so you can polish off the first skein… and then you’ll start the second skein just to finish the tier… and then you’ll have to force yourself to put down the needles and go to sleep like a good girl who has to get up early the next morning and work. And then of course you’ll really want to go sit and knit rather than work, but be strong, o fair knitter, and stay at the computer… at least until noon.

I know this one has had a steady internet following since Scarf Style was published, but it really didn’t take off like Clapotis. I suppose the limited yarn adaptability makes it less appealing and I guess its style is not as universal, but personally, I’m finding this the perfect project. So far, the process is wonderful, the yarn is a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait for the product. We’ll see if this love holds up in about 10 skeins.


FairyGodKnitter said...

Don't feel bad about not posting, I'm finding it really hard to come up with something everyday but since I've made it this far, I might as well try to finish the month.
I too am obsessed with Oblique and I have perfect yarn just sitting here (Kid Classic in a blue/grey) but I don't need another new project until after the holidays. I don't think it will be too warm a sweater because of the lacy stitch patterns.
And your Lady Eleanor is so pretty, most of the ones I've seen aren't as vibrant, yours is just the colors to brighten up a Buffalo winter. And we had snow yesterday, did it bypass the city?

Redheadskydiver said...

My posting has been lagging quite a bit lately too. Oh well. The lady eleanor is very pretty! I haven't felt the need to knit it, yet, but you never know.