25 November 2007

Two Little Sweaters for Two Little Boys

Pattern: LMKG Placket Neck Sweater

Yarn: Wool-Ease, 1980’s Vintage, 1 humungo skein for both sweaters

Needles: Sz. 7 Addis

Notions: Simple buttons from the stash.

Dates: September – November 2007

Recipients: Drew and Jalen, the cutest nephews in the world

Notes: What to say about this pattern that hasn’t been said? It’s a goodie, although I do wish it was in worsted weight so I wouldn’t have had to do any thinking. I used the stitch numbers for the smallest size for Jalen and the second-smallest for Drew but increased a size or two on the length measurements. I’m not sure they’ll fit, but I have more yarn and can always re-do if I need to.

The yarn wasn’t so bad to work with, although not a joy either. I like the tweed look with the primary colors and I’m sure my SIL will appreciate the easy-care factor of the acrylic. Seems just cruel to give a busy mom hand-wash items unless they’re requested. I’m not sure if Wool-Ease still makes the tweed as this came from a sewing/vacuum store-closing auction. I can see why the store didn’t make it considering some of their yarn is older than I am.
Anyway, I hereby promise to not be one to dress the boys in matching clothes the rest of their lives. I think I'm still trying to recover from the matching cowgirl dress episode from childhood. However, while the guys are little, I'm doing my part to create adorable, embarrassing pictures to be trotted out as often as possible.

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Redheadskydiver said...

very cute little sweaters. a friend of mine is having a boy soon and I must make a gift