03 November 2007

What I Want, What I Really, Really Want…

The academic job hunting process is daunting, exhausting, expensive and just downright depressing. I suppose any job hunt is, really, but in talking with friends and family, it seems like academics are quite talented at finding new and improved ways to make things unnecessarily complicated and stinky.

But… I’ve got to keep printing address labels and licking envelopes so I’ve been coming up with new daily strategies for motivation. Probably the best motivation is the daydreams about what I might be able to do were I to get one of these magical j-o-b-s. The reality is that if I get one of these j-o-b-s, I’ll be chained to a desk working on either my publications that need to be revised or exams that need to be graded, but oh the daydreams I’ve got lined up.

I’ve got places that I want to go and things that I want to do, but the easiest things to put in a list are, well, the things that I want in my new and improved post-graduation life.

1. Stainless steel sink with a garbage disposal.

2. Nice back porch furniture, not necessarily fancy, just comfy and preferably without rust and broken springs that make sitting for too long an exercise in living on the edge. Of course, this furniture will be sitting on a great back porch attached to a cute little house.

3. A new office chair… I’m not sure if my chair is contributing to my physical demise or giving me really strong gluts. I know it’s doing a number on my lower back, as my trainer and multiple ice-pack a day habit will attest, but since it doesn’t stay raised at the full height for more than an hour, it’s also helping my daily squat count as I have to stand up and pull on the lever every few minutes.

4. A new mattress. Potential contribution to back pain #2? Guess it’s a good thing I’ll be exhausted until June so I won’t notice how mushed and smushed my current mattress is getting.

5. Huh… so I kept this open for hours, ready to add my fifth object of desire and I actually can’t come up with something. I guess that’s a good thing since it’s not like I’m applying for jobs that will make me millions but strange that I don’t have more material wants. Maybe some new clothes? A new camera? Good thing I’ll have awhile before I need to do any shopping!

Just realized that two of my top desires are for sitting devices. Good grief, that’s pathetic. Can you tell what I’ve been doing with my time?

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