02 November 2006


(Excuse the bad pics. It's dark and I'm tired and yeah, well, I'm no model...)

Tonight I had my second Knitter's Guild meeting and of course I had to face the "what to wear" dilemma. I mean, c'mon, a room full of knitters and you best be bustin' out the good stuff. I went for discreet and safe last time. No seams to inspect or stitches to analyze in a pair of handknit socks tucked safely away from discriminating eyes.

But now that I've officially been allowed to join, I figured it was high time to show these ladies (all 200 of 'em) just what level of mediocrity they're letting into the ranks. It's time to wear a handknit sweater in a room full of knitters. This could be bad, bad, bad...

Since it's now gotten rather chilly here, it's time for the wool sweaters. I actually finished this one this summer but I never blogged it because I just couldn't face putting on a wool/mohair blend concoction in the hot weather. Wimp, yes I am. For some reason I also thought I didn't like the fit but I don't think it's so bad as I imagined. In the book, you're supposed to wrap the two sides of the collar over each other, but I like it better loose, perhaps because I'm wearing a loose t-shirt under it today.

Pattern: Lara from the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk collection

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted

Needles: I think I used 8's, but I'm not entirely positive

Dates: February - August, 2006

Recipient: me, me, me

Notes: This is a great pattern and one that I will be making again. It curls a bit at the bottom so I'm considering going back and doing a crochet edge, but it doesn't bother me enough to not wear it as is. My side seams are also wonky where I cast on stitches, but I actually saw another woman wearing this sweater tonight at the meeting and she had the same issue with the side seams.

I really like the Lamb's Pride yarn but I think I'd make this in a different yarn the next time. The mohair content makes it just a little hairy and itchy for me. I tried this with a short sleeve t-shirt and there was no having that nonsense, even though I'm not particularly sensitive to wool.

So I guess I'm a real blogger now. I've made the Lara and done the Rachael pose. And I really be a real blogger soon since I think Clapotis is moving up in my knitting rotation.

Oh, and other big news, I'm going to get to update (or redo) the local Guild's website! I suppose it's a sign of true dorkiness that this makes me inordinately happy.

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African Kelli said...

Good for you! It is a pretty sweater too. And I pay no attention to what I wear to my knitting guild. I'm just happy if my stitches are still on their needles when I arrive. Ha!

Beth said...

Your sweater looks great! I joined my local knitting guild last June and I haven't made it to a meeting yet. :)

I saw your comment on my CPH KAL blog post. I'm glad to know that other people knit like I do! Unless I'm doing straight knitting or stockinette, I really have to pay attention.

Kris said...

The sweater is great. Good for you to wear it to a guild meeting. It must have been intimidating!

Lone Knitter said...

Hey! That's a beautiful sweater and you're a great model for it!