03 November 2006


This morning, I went here

and bought this

Noro Silk Garden #232

for this

Lady Eleanor, Scarf Style

and this

Noro Kureyon, various shades

for this

Knitty's Lizard Ridge Afghan

and this

Child's Rainbow Scarf - Last Minute Knitted Gifts

and this

Fake Isle hat from November Magknits

I also discovered this to add to the Must-Make list.

Berrocco free pattern - Puzzle Bag

(Yes, I'm an English teacher that loves crosswords. Go figure.)
Tomorrow, I will go here
to attempt to sell enough of this and that from around the apartment to make up for the credit card carnage.

1 comment:

Lone Knitter said...

Hey, Leslie. I think that you and I are feeling that same itch to enhance our stash. I bought some sock yarn from a Dutch website--stuff that I loved and couldn't find here. I also bought something else that I can't remember right now! Geez! Your Noro color choices are purty!