05 November 2006


There is definitely something in the air. I spent the entire day cleaning out *stuff,* tossing it into bags for Goodwill, posting it on ebay to hopefully earn back a few of the many dollars I've spent on all this clutter and sometimes just tossing it because it was really nothing but trash. The "to do" list from 2002... I think it can go. And to think I've moved that piece of paper into two different apartments. That's just ridiculous! I really wish I was an anti-clutter person, but this has always been a struggle for me. I just love my treasures and it seems I love my trash just as well!

I am finally starting to let go of the yarn "mistakes" that I made early in my knitting obsession. A whole box of unidentified brown chenille yarn that sheds? Um, gotta go. I had visions of a dark chocolate afghan but then I woke up and listed this one on ebay for another yarn newbie. I guess if you actually liked knitting with chenille, this would be the mother load, but that's for another knitter out in Internet land. I may even break into the general Lion Brand stash* tomorrow and do a complete clean sweep. Anyone else have some "oops-es" floating around the stash?

Even my computer was cluttered! I can't say that you can see much of an improvement, but at least I know that many, many photo sessions of knitting projects have been sent off to the electronic graveyard to allow room for many more photo sessions of knitting projects. I can handle yarn taking up space, but pictures of yarn have got to go!

*Not that I've only made mistakes on cheap yarn. I've got a pricey skein of silk something or other that was for a beaded purse class... because grad students have so many opportunities to use a beaded purse out of pale pink that would show every speck of dust. Not ready to admit defeat on that one yet, but the day may come and if it does, you'll be the first to know.

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Kris said...

We all have stuff in our stash that, while we will never use it, we can't part with it.