01 November 2005


If only all homework was as enjoyable as knitting homework. On Saturday, I took a class on fair isle knitting. Eventually we're going to end up with a felted version of this bag from the Summer 04 issue of Interweave. Impressive, eh?

Well, no actual fair isling yet, but there's a start. Easiest homework in the world. Assigned Saturday morning, finished Sunday night. Just how I wrote all my essays in college... uh huh...

Anyway, I intended to show some pictures of recent knitting acquisition but my computer and pictures aren't playing well again, so I'll save that for a day when I have more energy to futz with this stupid thing.

Just wanted to check in on my list:
1. Diss: Ugh... I'm not even thinking about how bad this is going at the moment.
2. Diet: Same as above... Halloween, enough said.
3. Cleaning: Even worse than the previous two. See what happens when I actually do my knitting homework? Must focus on the priorities here. Well, at least until I get my next knitting assignment next week.

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