12 November 2005

If Only It Was Cold...

Today I spent the afternoon driving around the window down because it was so warm. This is November people. I'm a knitter. I've got scarves to wear and this nice weather routine just ain't cuttin' it.

I'm working on making a Flickr account to keep track of all the finished projects, but for now, thought I'd post some pre-blogging scarves in the collection. The collection sitting on the shelf looking very, very forlorn.

Pattern: This is the My So Called Scarf pattern from Sheep in the City, a very cute blog that I love to read for inspiration. I've heard it described as a herringbone pattern. I believe I cast on 17 stitches on size 11s but I can't say for sure.

Yarn: 3 skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes (I think); Rose Garden colorway

Date Started: ??
Date Finished: Summer 2005

Notes: I love the finished product of this scarf and always get compliments on it, but dang, this was a booger on my hands. I ended up making it shorter than I usually make scarves, but I was frustrated and just wanted it to be over. It works okay with my pink coat, especially if I use a broach on windy days. Overall, good project but I'm not sure I'd tackle another one. Still have 2 skeins of the yarn which I plan to use on mittens from the Weekend Knitting book. Someday...

Pattern: Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 200??;

Yarn: This was recycled yarn from a rummage sale find. I'm pretty sure it cost me $2 for enough to make both Ashley and I very, very long scarves. Not the softest stuff, but pretty.

Dates: Winter 2003

Notes: This scarf is super, super long. It's very, very frilly when I put it on and wrap it around several times so it's only a cold weather wear, despite all the holes. I love the picot edge and the long fringe and the crochet was rather fast. I'd make this one again. I believe the pattern calls for flowers or beads or some sort of embellishment on the trellis but I decided to leave it as is. This one's a keeper.

Pattern: The scarf is just a simple rib pattern with garter at the bottom. The mittens are from a LYS pattern.

Yarn: Trendsetter Dune and mohair, I believe it's Turberino or something like that. I used 2 skeins of the Dune and at least 2 of the mohair.

Dates: Winter 2003 for the mittens and winter 2004 for the scarf

Notes: This is one of my sets that gets the most wear, simply because of having both the mittens and the scarf. I made the mittens in a class and have been surprised at how well they've held up. They're pretty warm and I love the sparkle from the Dune. The scarf was made to match and basically I just knit until I ran out of the Dune, then added some garter on the ends. I even had to use a different color of the Dune because I didn't get it when I made the mittens and of course they didn't have the right color when I went back. I wish I would've made the scarf more narrow so it would be longer. This is another one that works, but I wish I had more length. I'm also not really crazy about the ends, but I was pretty desperate. Again, I just wanted to get this one finished and I wasn't about to rip out once I saw that it was too wide. It's functional and I enjoyed working with the mohair for the most part.

Pattern: Good ol 2x2 rib

Yarn: Another rummage sale find. I believe it was 3 skeins of something acrylic.

Dates: Summer 2003

Notes: There have been a few occassions, a very, very few occassions, when I've actually needed to buy yarn to have a project. Really, it's only because I haven't brought enough knitting home and had more time to play that I anticipated. We were planning one of our driving expeditions back to the Buffalo and I needed something to keep me busy in the car. I found this acrylic stuff at a rummage sale and got busy. I love the way it has three different patterns due to the patterning of the yarn. In the future, though, I'd probably make sure I started a row to match the pattern that's already going, since it does look rather "homemade" in the bad sort of way. This isn't anything special, but I wear this scarf with my tan coat when I just want something rather plain. It isn't itchy at all, although not particularly snuggly either. Just a scarf...

Now one would think that this would be enough of a collection to keep a girl warm and happy. Yeah, right. Like shoes and purses, you can never have too many scarves. I've got several others on the needles or in my head so bring on temps where I can actually wear some of my knitted gear!

1. Diss: Plugging along. Tonight I must work until I have 3 pages.
2. Diet: Um, monthly brunch with the girls... pancakes with walnuts. Not good.
3. Cleaning: Two more sweaters bit the dust today. I'm not sure if it's sad or scary that I remembered buying these cheap things 8 years ago. Why do I feel the need to keep these ratty things?

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