13 November 2005

Flash Your...

Every so often I get the wild idea to become a sex pot. No, I’m not planning to stand on Chippewa and charge the lonely old men $100 for a night of thrills, but sometimes, I think I might like to dress like it.

Although I’ve yet to splurge on a vinyl catsuit with places to attach my dominatrix tool belt, I do own a few items that need to be retired to sex pot heaven. I’m sure there are a few drag queens out there shopping at Amvets and I feel it really is my civic duty to donate to the cause. If my skanky clothes can aid in the effort to thrill creepy guys and dolls, hey, it’s an honor to help.

So, for all you kinky readers, be sure to head out to your local thrift store and pick up these classy and tacky numbers.

Perfect for ambling down to the local street corner… and limping back after you sprain your ankle wearing 4 inch spike heels. Yes, I actually taught a comp class in these suckers. One class, 8 a.m., an engineering block of 24 young males. At some point during the hour my feet were hurting so badly I couldn’t see straight. It took longer for the blisters to heal than it did to grade the set of bad essays they submitted. For those of you who aren’t comp teachers, that’s a long, long time. Say sianara to the stilettos!

(Believe it or not, I haven't gone out and bought six more pairs to replace the two that I've gotten rid of... at least not yet.)

1. Diss: By golly, I have an introduction to the chapter. I'm not going to jinx myself by saying the draft will be done before I leave for Turkey Day, but there's a slight, slight chance that I'll have lots of reasons to be thankful.
2. Diet: Good day here with a long workout this morning and a generally healthy eating day, well, except for that mocha I had this afternoon. Oops.
3. Cleaning: The shoes were actually a few days ago so I don't get credit on this one. Hmm, I did laundry and washed some dishes. Oh, and I put away the new yarn I bought yesterday. Pics of that tomorrow!

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