04 November 2005

Finally Finished!

Be careful what you wish for. Scarf weather arrived with a vengeance. Buffalo has snow. I sort of feel that the universe is aligning again. There for awhile, t-shirts in November, whew, I was worried.

Anyway, I am working on my blogging skills and one talent which I do not seem to possess is the infamous self-portrait in the bathroom mirror. Here's my first attempt. It's about as good as this knitting project.

Craftster/Urban Outfitters Shrug
Yarn: 4 skeins Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick in Adirondacks (3 skeins were gift from Susannah); $6.80 (my cost)
Pattern: Here
Started: October 2005
Finished October 2005
Recipient: Me, me, me!
Notes: I'm not sure I would've purchased this yarn on my own, but I like it knitted up. I didn't particularly enjoy working on size 17 plastic needles though and don't see many big and bulky projects in my future. I'm not sure if I like the way this makes me look, as if I need any more help looking like a football player! I bought ribbons to use as a tie in the front but will leave them unattached so I can use a brooch to keep it closed if I prefer. I've been following the development of this pattern on Craftster since the thread started and was excited to make one of the circular shrugs that are so popular this fall. This was a fast way to make something trendy, but I do think I'd like it better in a much smaller gauge. Overall, the pattern was easy to follow and fun to knit. If this trend is still around in the spring, I'd like to make one in a worsted weight, maybe with a lace or decorative stitch for the back portion.

This may actually get me a point on my 20 things to do in my 20s list. I have actually worn this sweater in public on three separate occasions. It's not exactly one I'm super proud of, but if all else fails, this one gets me a checkmark!

I've written about this before, but in my attempts to continue to get my knitting on the blog, here's another FO.

Handspun Scarf
Yarn: 2 skeins, Knox Farm Handspun, 100% wool (from "Hope" the sheep), 4+ ozs. 172 yds; $25
Pattern: Simple 2x2 rib
Started: October 1, 2005
Finished: October 2005
Recipient: Me, me, me! (starting to feel greedy here)
Notes: I barely made it home before I wound up the yarn and started knitting. What fun to work with handspun and hand-dyed yarn. It was a little "sheepy" with lots of lanolin in the yarn, even some hay in case I got the munchies. It softened considerably when I washed it (soaked 20 minutes in Eucalan bath). The dye faded slightly, but not enough to change the color scheme.
Verdict: Will be returning to the Knox Farm in East Aurora for more handspun! I think the pink and green colorway is calling my name!
I've ordered yarn for my Scarf Exchange partner and I have a few patterns in mind. I think I'm going to give lace a try using some alpaca from a local farm. I'm starting to get a little nervous about all my holiday crafting ambitions so this one will hopefully stay on the backburner for awhile. Although we all know that the minute the yarn comes, I'll be casting on!

1. Diss: Was sick at home today so I read. Won't be making my Thanksgiving deadline... grrr.
2. Diet: Does reaching for a kleenex count as working out?
3. Organization: Since I stayed in my jammies today, I already have my outfit planned for tomorrow. Yes, I'm so pathetic that that's going to count for today.

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