30 October 2005

Changing My World... One Can of Spray Paint at a Time

So I decided to do a little bit of changing on ye olde blog. The other template was just too dark for my bright and shining personality. *snicker, snicker* Anyway, no, mom, the wedding cake isn't suggestive of anything at all. This is just a free template that I'm trying out and I will eventually change that top graphic as soon as my brain can handle tackling a techy adventure. If only getting a good date was as easy as getting a new blog template!


Since the weather was gorgeous here this weekend, I finally decided to paint the ugly yellow furniture. I've had this stuff for three years now and have been waiting for the stars to align so I can get around to painting it. The chairs and table base are metal and when I bought it, the ex lectured me about the need to clean it all up, sand off the paint that was starting to chip, completely take apart the chairs, blah, blah, blah. Yes, he lectured and didn't offer to lift a finger to help. Typical. Anyway, I kept telling myself I was too busy to tackle the project, didn't want to have to do the sanding, and of course, if you can't do it right, best not do it at all. This, of course, is my logic for everything.

Nevermind that the set cost me a whopping $15 in the first place and they're going into an apartment where a large portion of the furniture has been snagged from my neighbor's trash. Don't do it if it's not perfect.

Well, screw that. Yesterday I ripped off the foam seats that were molding, grabbed whatever black spray paint I had in the craft room, and went at it. I couldn't get the screws off the seats so I'm just going to cover the whole base and not worry about doing it perfectly. Too often I get frozen by wanting to do something "the right way" and I end up procrastinating until everything is just perfect before I even begin. I don't read an article because I can't take notes while I work or I don't fix dinner because maybe I've only got time for a veggie burger instead of a full meal.

It's hard to admit that I'm not perfect, or maybe it's just hard to admit that I don't always give a hoot about being perfect. I didn't want to sand chairs. So there. Take that, Martha Stewart. I probably missed a few spots on my paint job. And I can guarantee my seat cushions won't fit exactly right. And my quilt seams are uneven, my knitted sweater sleeves are generally not the same length, and my dissertation has some bad grammar.

Sometimes it's nice to be just so-so.

1. Diss: Glory be, I have an argument for the chapter. No previews until I know that it will work. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!
2. Diet: This has been pretty spotty lately. (Isn't it always?) But I did lose three pounds when I weighed the other day.
3. Organization: Chairs painted. A big first step toward getting that project off my "to do" list.

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