23 October 2005

Flash Your Trash

There’s this meme traveling around the knitting blog world where you “Flash Your Stash.” You all know that were I to take pictures of all my yarn, or all my fabric, or all my crafty supplies, poor Mom’s computer would fry on its trusty dial-up connection. It’s an illness. (My stuff, not dial-up, although that’s debatable…) So, in the spirit of the meme, but working with this goal of organizing and eliminating, I’m going to offer you some pics of my worst offenders as I unearth them and send them packing. Again, a bonus point offered to anyone who remembers the rummage sale where I purchased these “treasures.”

Yes, it’s a green bottle covered with melted crayons. I don’t get it either. I’m pretty sure this was from my “granola days.” You know, those phases one goes through while attending a liberal arts university. You wake up one morning and decide to wear your Birkenstocks with a long, flowing skirt, tie a bandana around your head, and slouch all day. You read the Beats in public and study outside under a tree. Then one day you realize that you really shouldn’t shower if you’re going to do granola days right and ewww, you're not really a no-shower kinda girl. Sso you clean yourself up and pull out the nicely ironed khaki pants from The Gap and so much for that whole routine. Yes, I was there. I recovered. I’m pretty sure there are even pictures to prove it.

Anyway, I suppose at some point I thought this was the perfect candlestick.

All I can say now is craft gone bad, craft gone very, very bad.

1. Diss: 5 pages: woo woo; still no thesis to this chapter, but that's nothing new.

2. Diet: no snacking??? not sure how that happened, but it did. huh... who knew writing could keep me out of the kitchen.

3. Organization: green bottle, in the trash; more lace, packed off to Amvets. Yes, I got a lot of lace, enough to make rugs for every room in my apartment. I don't understand it either. Just imagine how gross it would be if I'd never left my granola days and I had this much junk. It would be stinky junk... ewwwww... and it would probably be packed into the back of a VW minibus. Thank god for Gap khakis...

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