19 October 2005

Three a Day

It’s October 2005 and my lunch of Slim Fast cheddar chive potato powdered nasty no flavor soup expired in April… of 2004.* I don’t even think they make this stuff any more, but I figured since it was the color of Tang it could withstand Armageddon and be safe for consumption. I guess I’m my father’s daughter. The man ate spoiled dog food because it was the only thing in the fridge. Of course, we should probably ask about why my mother, the professional food person in the family, is putting spoiled dog food in the fridge…

Yes, you may hire her to cater your wedding, but her family eats rotten dog food and powdered soup.

The astute among you would say that this is because she spoils us by doing the cooking, but my theory is that I deserve spoiling since I eat powdered soup. Yes, it may be circular logic, but shoot, this is my blog, not my dissertation so I can be illogical so long as it leads to a good meal in the end. By the way, mom, I’ll be sending along my requests for my Thanksgiving visit in time for you to hit the grocery store.

Anyway, I guess I’m a little behind in life, although I did go to the grocery store tonight. I was able to have my dinner of Fruity Pebbles with fresh milk as opposed to the expired stuff that I poured down the drain when I came home. I seem to always be a little close to the expiration date, a little too close to the edge. We can all laugh about my uncanny ability to polish off those little things in life (graduation speeches, wedding presents, conferences papers) at the very last second, but it’s starting to get to me. Running behind leads to a messy apartment, a kitchen full of dirty dishes and no time to make a real dinner so I grab junk food and go. I get swamped and skip the gym, skip the laundry, skip the things I enjoy doing because there’s just so much work to get done, or to try and slip past the radar that told the world the work should’ve been done a long, long time ago. So, I’m going to try adding a little feature on here to help me keep things away from spoiled dog food territory.

It’s a little early for resolutions (or maybe I’m just really, really late again), but I always seem to have three goals.

1. Finish the dissertation.
2. Lose weight.
3. Get organized.

Generally, these three don’t get along. If I take the time to write, the apartment turns into stacks and stacks of books and I sit on my butt at the computer. If I focus on working out, the laundry fills with stinky clothes and I forget what my dissertation is all about. If I try to get organized, um, yeah, that only leaves me making more of a mess because I drag out my yarn collection or my dish collection or my sweaters from junior high collection and can’t figure out how to put it back nicely. So, I’m going to try posting every day with a bit of progress on these three things. Yes, it may be boring, but eh, life is kinda boring sometimes.

After all, a boring turkey sandwich is much, much better than powdered soup or rotten dog food.

1. Pages written today: 2, got a little closer to figuring out my argument
2. Started a food journal and started a Wednesday Weigh-In. I’m not about to post my starting weight but hopefully you’ll get to see some “pounds lost” marks up here soon.
3. crossed off a few things from the “to do” list and did general apartment cleaning

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post good things about knitting night… there will be homemade pumpkin pie. So much for that diet!

*I may have another blog entry that starts the same way. I remember thinking I should blog about it the last time I discovered my lunch was over a year past its expiration date. Bet eating all that bad food is making my memory go.

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