16 October 2005


Now that my camera and computer seem to be getting along again, I can finally tell you about the fiber festival deflowering. While all the knitting world seems to be at Rhinebeck this weekend, my own little first timer experience in East Aurora was quite tame. But next year... oh, next year there will be Rhinebeck shopping galore! This could be very, very bad...

You will shop, oh yes, you will shop.

How could I resist the alpaca?

By the way, these are the cutest little critters I've ever seen. Mom, feel like raising alpaca? I'm sure they'd get along with Ruby and Easy.

Although we were a bit disappointed that the event was a little on the small side, we still managed to find yarn that just had to make it home with us.

Laurie and her credit card made friends with some of our favorite Brown Sheep stock. They were seconds, a huge bargain... practically free! (This is for you, Timm... the yarn was free, I tell ya!) So, yes, we cleaned them out. Laurie and I make a bad, bad, bad shopping pair. Enabling was the theme of the day.

The llamas were less than impressed with anything but the grass.

Anyway, so the important stuff, the haul... {Pictures will be coming. I need to take them tomorrow when I have daylight.}

1. Enough of the Brown Sheep (free) yarn for about three sweaters... or a large felted bag... or something like that. There's a lot of it. It's safely in the stash marinating until I decide what to make of it. And yes, there will be a road trip planned to visit Pollywogs in the future.

2. Handspun from the Knox Farm. Yummmmmy... although a bit on the au naturel side for me. I like my knitting without the hey, thank you very much. And the lanolin made the needles sticky... yes say it with me, ewwww. And I won't admit to casting on for a scarf immediately upon returning home. See the pics tomorrow.

3. 3 skeins of handspun alpaca from a local farm. Oh. My. God. It's a good thing I realize it's absolutely ridiculous to pay $40 for a scarf or I would've been completely insane and spent a gazillion dolars on enough of this for a blanket. Of course, if I had a blanket out of alpaca, I'd never leave the house... ever.

Yes, this knitting thing has become quite the obsession. I suppose I'm about as successful with the yarn diet as I am with the food diet. But who can resist an oreo or some alpaca, really?

Anyway, time to actually knit. Will post more pictures tomorrow.

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