09 May 2006

Memory Lapse

Do you ever have one of those moments where you forget a word? You’re going to say something and then, in a flash, it’s gone. But the thing is, you’ve already started the sentence, you’re in the groove, and then you’re stuck. You can’t just skip it, can’t just improvise. You have to devote every ounce of mental fortitude toward getting that word.

Yesterday while my students struggled through their final exam, I was editing some diss writing. And then I lost my word.

I wonder what the students would’ve thought had they known that their esteemed leader (sarcasm, sarcasm) was throwing all her brain power toward coming up with the word “hookah.”

I almost giggled when I finally thought of it. Hookah, yeah, that’s it. Look at them all squirm while I’m thinking of hookah. That’s why I’m the teacher. The privileges of the big desk and meditating on hookahs…

I’ve never tried a hookah, but if my schedule stays like this, I just might experiment in the name of research. I have pics to show and crafty projects that are actually complete, but I don’t think I have the brain power left to operate my camera. Gotta think about the important things, you know. I may work up to crack pipes and snort mirrors by the end of the week.

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