11 May 2006

A Little Spring Color

Since we're at the start of a long rainy patch, I thought I'd share some pics of color, some that I took outside yesterday and some of a project that I decided to pick up again.

Last fall I took my first class in fair isle knitting and we made a bag from an old IK. Of course I never finished it while in the class and then the holidays struck and basically, it got shoved in the corner and lower on the WIP list. I dug it out today to get a break from Lara and finished the knitting. I'm not sure why I let it linger so long since I really only had about an hour of knitting left on it. Granted, the finishing process on this one will take a bit, but hopefully I'll have a new bag by Monday!


Anonymous said...

I really like the colors on that bag! Yarn.Kitty

Lone Knitter said...

Leslie! You can fair isle??? Your like a super knitter! That's amazing. Thank you for all your support and encouragement these past few months. Now I can curl up with your last email and send you some words. Well, I passed! I don't know how I passed, but I did. Thank you. Thank you.

krisknits2 said...

It feels good to finish up a lingering project. Hopefully the finishing won't be awful.