04 March 2007

The Windy City Blew My Troubles Away

Stress management has never really been my thing. There are certain things which are well within my capabilities, but keeping it calm just isn’t in the column of good things. The past few weeks have been pretty high stress around these parts. I started sending work emails with more profanity than “real” words and took that as a sign to take a computer sabbatical for fear of my potty mouth running amuck, spilling yucky into the world with wild abandon. So I kept my head down and worked like a good little drone until I could celebrate with a girls’ reunion weekend in Chicago that was just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, it was too darn cold to slow down and take pictures as we hiked about the stores on the Magnificent Mile so my weekend vacay doesn’t have much blog fodder. Well, besides the lovely gift from Delta Airlines.

They knew that as a crafter, I always need more little bags to store supplies so they lovingly decided to lose my luggage at midnight… after a delay… and a very, very confusing journey through a set of mazes on the tarmac of JFK which left a group of passengers stranded outside with no way into the terminal. I knew it was going to be a rough trip when I get to the airport and can’t find a parking spot, even in the ‘always empty’ lots and then when I check in, the ticket agent tells me about various delays and problems, warning me that I may not make my connection. “I can’t check you in, ma’am, unless I warn you sufficiently that you may get stranded in New York tonight. Do you feel lucky?” Um, I don’t want airline people asking me if I feel lucky. When did trying to leave town become riskier than playing the slots? Anyway, oddly enough, in this rather high stress situation, I was fairly calm, mostly because I was too exhausted to get worked up about missing undies. Granted, I was a little grumpy the next day, but at the time, it was so miserable it was funny.

Of course it helped that I was planning to spend my weekend shopping anyway so I just had a legitimate reason for looking for new clothes. The new deodorant at CVS wasn’t really part of the plan, but at least now I’ve got a spare. I’ve heard that everyone has to have lost luggage once so I’m hoping this gives me some sort of immunity for future travel.

I have managed to knit some of my stress away though so I can show off some FOs now that the potty mouth is (mostly) under control and I can return to blogging.

What better to combat ugly stress than some baby items, right?

Pattern: Quickie Baby Sweater tres, booties and Umbilical Cord hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch

Yarn: Plymouth Encore and mystery acrylic

Needles: 10.5 for the sweater, 6 for the booties and hat

Recipient: MY NEW NEPHEW!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Notes: This is the third go-around for this sweater pattern and it’s still a goodie. I did the boy version of the yoke pattern once I figured out how to actually read. I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the booties. I don't particularly like the seam on the bottom but the flat top does give a good space to add the decorative button. Do babies even wear booties anyway? I'm not really up on what's hot for the diaper set. I'm sure this sweater pattern will make another appearance so I'll have to remember to try some different footwear.
Not much else to say, but yay for baby knits!


marisa said...

Glad you're back safe and sound--you really do have bad traveling karma don't you? At least you made it to the airport on the right day!

Cute baby things--can't say I know whats hot for the diaper set either, but, I'm sure anything that a proud aunt has made will be much appreciated. :D

African Kelli said...

yay for baby knits indeed! Great work there!
And for making it home safely and having a good trip. :)

K. said...

that baby set is adorable. My kids wore booties; but when mommy knits, baby wears knits.

Lone Knitter said...

You did get your luggage eventually I hope. Airlines seem to keep my bags ALL THE TIME. In fact, I'm becoming something of a liability to travel with. I think it's happened to me about seven times or so. No kidding. I've always gotten my bags back, but once it took three days! Love the baby things. They look perfect!