27 March 2007

She Put the Lime in the Coconut

I think I'm on a full-scale bright color bender here. It's like I'm ready for spring or something.

Last week my trainer told me that she recently bought her first new purse in eight years. Shocking, no? She also told me that she's celebrating her birthday this weekend so what better excuse to hit the sewing machine than that?

I used AfricanKelli's wristlet tutorial to whip up a bright, fun, not-too-girly bag that screams summer.

Hopefully it will be perfect for a girl who is definitely on the go!

*For the girls at home who were looking at my fabric from my last post, there's a picture of the quilt pattern I'm using here.

1 comment:

Lone Knitter said...

What a cute little purse. I'm so amazed at your sewing skills. I'm glad your yarn reached you safely. :)