23 March 2007


This week has been one of turning this...

... the gobbledy-gook of messy writing, messy projects, a messy apartment, messy mind...

into this...

... neat little cakes lined up in an orderly row, ready to be put into service.

Well, maybe I didn't get all of life into nice, neat order, but at least I untangled a few major knots.

The rest of the knots will take some time to sort out, time to contemplate which way to go in the writing, which thoughts to pursue and which to drop into footnotes or out of mind completely, time to contemplate even simple things like which verb matches which adjective. I like to think that this is a portrait of a contemplative woman, lost in daydream or deep in philosophy. I keep her picture near my television as a reminder to turn down the volume and sit with my thoughts more often.

I've heard that she was actually a sad woman with a sad story and her slight frown is a marker of her dreary life, but I don't like to think about that.

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