25 March 2007

Weekend Work

1. Do your best to finish that $#% paper.

2. Realize that it's going to take hours and hours to get the footnotes in shape.

3. Start a new quilt project so you can stare at flowery fabric and imagine you are outside in fields of spring flowers.

4. Resolve that, by golly, this year you're not going to let work stand in the way of enjoying warm weather when it finally arrives.

5. Go back to the computer and tackle a few more footnotes.
Eye of the Fabric Storm, prints by Kaffe Fassett and Martha Negley


Lone Knitter said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics! I'm inside, working on my prospectus! Good lord! When will it end. I can hardly breathe these days. I got your package! You're so thoughtful. I'll post pics on my blog soon. Thank you for your package. The afghan is simply beautiful.

Redheadskydiver said...

Wow, wonderful colors!