05 December 2006

Would You Still Love Me If I Wore Ugg Boots?

Amongst the pithy life decisions that need to be made in the coming weeks, I'm contemplating a serious purchase.

Ugg-esque boots

This contemplation is troubling on several fronts, the greatest of which may just be my fall from fashion icon status were I to wear said boots in public.

(Please know that I nearly choked writing that last sentence. Would a real fashion icon be sitting here posting to the blogosphere sporting a bleach-stained sweatshirt from college whose kelly green clashes severely with her lime green Crocs and forest green socks? I know, I have a wardrobe to make Oprah jealous. There are reason I only take pictures of my knitting.)

But here are the points in favor of this fanciful purchase:

1. I actually live in a climate that warrants warm footwear.

2. Increased travels to the gym in winter demand snow-proof footwear that is easy-on, easy-off, even after excessive lunges which severely limit the function of my lower body and the mental capacity for such difficult operations such as shoe laces.

3. They aren't reeeeally Uggs, just ugg-esque.

4. I have entirely skipped the trend thus far. (See: "fashion icon" above... Granted, this may only be evidence that I'm a loser who catches trends two years after they are passe, but who's keeping track of these things? Sienna Miller still wears her Uggs after all...)

5. I promise to never, ever wear them with gauchos.

6. The most convincing reason of all...I am not a Hollywood starlet and therefore will not under any circumstances be wearing the ugg-esque footwear with a mini-cocktail dress on the red carpet.

But maybe with my stylin' new kicks, I'll become a Hollywood starlet and invite you all to the swanky premiere of my new film... After all, LiLo is holed away in rehab for a good long while and someone has to nab that Oscar.

By the way, did you know there was a trademark scandel around the infamous fashion no-no's? And it's worse than wearing Target knock-offs.


Lone Knitter said...

I think you can and should buy the boots. In my opinion, the boots are not "uggish" because they have some ankle shaping. Uggs look more like a tree trunk, straight up and down. Go for it, says I. I just bought some boots yesterday myself from LLBean. I felt bad about the yuppyishness, but you have to do what you have to do to keep your feet warm and dry! Buy the boots!

FairyGodKnitter said...

Buy the boots. You do live in Buffalo don't you? You do know what most people wear on their feet around here? Besides, we're due to get tons of white payback for the warm weather we just had, it's going to snow like crazy. Stay warm, don't slip.

a. said...

considering where you live i think you can safely justify the boots on as purely a functional purpose. keep your feet warm and yourself healthy!