16 December 2006


Professor Wolfgang Smartypants is thrilled to announce the discovery of Giftias Kellicus, a new species found in the Chez Leslie ecosystem.

Through intense study and deliberation, Professor Smartypants has surmised that the new species migrated an unimaginable distance, originating in the productive and inspiring land of AfricanKelli. This land is generally known for its baked goods and sewn creations so the emergence of such a highly evolved species as Giftias Kellicus comes with little surprise to the scientific community.

Professor Smartypants notes the species’ unique coloring which is suggestive of the holiday season, but in a trendy, stylized manner so as to extend wear beyond the limitations of poinsettia-friendly dates specified in the life cycle of holiday gear. “Even more exciting,” the good doctor proclaims, “is the assumption that species is reversible and the green interior could be displayed year-round, even in the harshest of fashion-criticizing climates.”

Giftias Kellicus is derived from the well-known Amy Butler phylum and the Swing bag genus. Professor Smartypants indicates that current interest in this genus paired with the new arrival could lead to an outbreak of additional members of the genus but believes that this could only enhance the Chez Leslie ecosystem. “While most traditional ecosystems are bound by space resources, Chez Leslie seems to hold infinite room for the purse kingdom. This really is a welcoming environment for purses, bags, totes and the like.”

Seen here in its native habitat, Giftias Kellicus is surrounded by like-minded species, Starbucks Cupicus, Victorian Novelicus and Stash Yarnicus. The four species seem to form a symbiotic relationship wherein Giftias Kellicus serves as host to the Victorian Novelicus and Stash Yarnicus while Starbucks Cupicus provides sustenance via regular spillage. Although the arrival of Giftias Kellicus is a new development in the Chez Leslie ecosystem, all studies indicate a long and exciting life of adventure await the species.


Kelli said...

You crack me up Dr. Smartypants. :) So glad to have helped in your discovery.

Lone Knitter said...

What an awesome gift. I just switched to blogger beta and almost had a heart attack! Blogger fused my author blog and my knitting blog and revealed my identity to countless unknowns. But maybe I can post comments to your blog now...