09 December 2006

Knit Unto Others

Thanks for all your encouragement on my holiday gluttony. Boots are ordered and looks like I'll be sweating up a storm with my year of training. To make up for this splurge, I'll definitely need to go on another yarn and fabric diet while I'm focusing on healthier eating in the new year!

But before this turns into a completely selfish blog, though I'd share a pair of mittens that I completed for Lynne's mitten collection for local children.

Pattern: Mittens (with mods)
Yarn: stash acrylic... it's much, much brighter than any camera could capture. We're talking yellow that will flash out loudly even when buried under six feet of snow bright.
Needles: Sz. 6 bamboo dpns
Recipient: From Hearts to Hands... (charity collection for Buffalo children)
Mods: I made the toddler size (CO 24) but decided to do these in the round rather than seamed. Changed ribbing to garter stitch. Ignored the length specified and knit until they looked proportional, if mittens can be proportional.
I'm going to guess my yarn fudging caused problems here or maybe I was really off on gauge, but I tried the larger size from this pattern and ended up with grown-up mittens... or mitten. I may finish that one off for charity later or more likely, I'll get greedy and keep it myself. These are definitely NOT toddler sized but they at least should fit children.
The buttons are a tiny little plane and helicopter since they needed a little somethin' somethin'.
Quick and easy project that I wish I'd started sooner so I could've sent more hand-knit mittens. I haven't done too many of these small projects lately. Kinda fun to actually see the end of something! I definitely see a hat or two in my very near future...

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Kelli said...

These are so cute! Nice work.