22 February 2006

Still Knitting

Did you think I'd been axed by a Tonya Harding henchman determined to keep me out of the Knitting Olympics grand finale weekend?

Well, sort of, only my arch enemy doesn't wear sequins. It's been a week of diss writing, novel reading, paper grading and office working. I was a little worried when I signed up for this event that life might get in the way of finishing. I knew I'd start with needles blazing, but completion, that's where I get into trouble. And knitting two of something? That's just asking for it.

Then there's that whole monogamy problem. I told you I was a loose knitter and I didn't mean just gauge. Stick to one project for 16 days? Um, that's tough. So did I cheat? Does Hugh Hefner wear dressing gowns for a reason? I can justify it though! (And I'm sure he can too, but let's not go there... ewwww.) My fingers started hurting so I bumped up to a worsted weight project that's been lingering since last summer. I also was oh so close to finishing my Ribby Cardigan that I just had to give it some love. (There will be a finished object post as soon as I get time to have a photo shoot. Such the celebrity that I just don't have time to meet with the paparazzi... or maybe I just felt too silly to have the girls take my picture in the coffee shop at our last knitting night.)

Anyway, I do actually feel like I've learned more than just the magic loop in this challenge. I'm still mulling it all over for a better post, but sticking fairly close to one project has been a good lesson for this slowly reforming knitting hussey. (I know, I know, but I've been reading Pamela/Shamela/Anti-Pamela... hussies are something I seem to talk about with lots of regularity these days.)

Need proof? That, my dears, is yarn. Yarn that is leaving my house via the wonders of eBay, not yarn that is entering through the same evil, evil portal. I sold yarn. Shocking, yes?

So will I get my gold? It looks likely. I'm on the second half of the heel for the second sock. Barring severe finger injury, I should be able to finish this off this weekend. That is, unless I totally cave and cast on for something new!

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marisa said...

*lol* I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight because I'll be thinking about Hughie in his cute little dressing gown. It'll take more than a martini to get that image out of my head. Thanks for the laugh!