11 February 2006

Sock Knitting... The New Paper Piecing*

In one of the lesser known Shakespeare plays, A Midsweater Night's Dream, the sage gives us all some advice, "Thou shalt not underestimate the power of a woman possessed."

Last night's knitting group had a few of these**:

Which led to one of these:

For those of you keeping track at home, that's peppermint twists + Olympics Day One = six inches of a sock. Well, maybe it's vodka + obsession = 2 a.m. crafting. It does sound much more civilized when it's about socializing over cocktails and not the frantic fingers of someone who can't seem to put down the sharp little needles. Really, I was feeling just ever so slightly like a crackhead when I finally made myself go to sleep rather than attempting to master the short-row heel with another batch of the slushy pink stuff. Like any good junkie would say, throw the needle(s) my way.

At least I can say so far, so good on the sock knitting. I don't like the top ribbing at all, but the thing seems to fit (of course I tried it on just before making myself give it (and myself) a rest). I think the next pair (which may actually become an addendum to the K.O. challenge if I continue at this pace) will have to find an alternative to the ribbing at the top. Perhaps if I do them toe-up the ribbing will be better if it starts from the stockinette section rather than the cast-on edge? So many experiments to be undertaken in the sock-knitting world...

But onward and upwards, or in this case, downwards and around...


Not being a fan of the heel-flap method, I'm planning to forge into new territory with the short-row heel. In theory, it works like this:

Short-Row Heel Tutorial on Purlwise
Here it is in the toe-up method
And here it is in a slightly modified form

Now the question is, how will it work for me? And more importantly, can I restrain myself from the sock long enough to finish the last 60 pages of Pamela?

* In other moments of weakness (of which there are many in my crafty life), I've referred to Paper Piecing as The Craft Which Shall Not Be Named for its power to render me entirely insomniatic and close to heart attack peril with the thrill of projects to be completed. I really should seek help for these issues.

** Did you notice that my choice of stemware and drink match my knitting? Yeah, I'm classy like that...

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Lone Knitter said...

Wow! You are going to get a gold medal for your socks! They are lovely, and I'm amazing at how much you got done. I love that your beverage matches your knitting. That's awesome.