15 February 2006

Knitting Olympics Make It Big

So have you heard that we're mentioned in the latest edition of Time? Yep, get 4000 people together and you have a trend. Well, I'm not so sure being a "crochet collective" and "crafty couch potatoes" is really a good thing, but hey, no knitting pressies for you. So there...

Anyway, just wanted to report that to stave off any SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), I have managed to cast on the mate to the first item of footwear.

These will be fraternal twins with closely related stripes, but not identical. I'm only slightly type A but haven't completely entered ODC territory yet... yet.

Just wanted to prove that my plans to knit a complete pair of socks weren't a complete sham. Get it? As in, Shamela, the slightly naughtier younger sister of Pamela... Wouldn't want to falsely convince anyone of my virtue just to woo you into buying more yarn (mom).

Sometimes I worry myself with the literary jokes. Don't worry, I don't subject my students to these little nuggets of humor. I save them all for the three poor souls who are stuck reading the blog while at work. Next time, try soduko games, really. I'll just stick to socks and books.

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