10 February 2006

And the Yarn Harlot Saith...

Let the games begin!

I probably shouldn't confess just how excited I am about the Knitting Olympics. Someone might just say "dorkily excited." Yes, I am celebrating as if this is a holiday of significant importance. I suppose I'm pretty comfortable with the "dork" label as I am working on a PhD in Victorian lit after all, but this may be reaching a new dork low. The date is marked on the calendar... yeah, that dorky. I haven't gone so far as to create Olympic-themed treats for knitting group tonight, but I would have had I not been busy doing all that cleaning and laundry and teaching business necessary to facilitate 16 days of actual sock knitting.

Anyway, since I'm sure you're all just dying to know as much about my sock knitting process as, say, the results of the luge, here begins the expenditure of excessive quantities of text about socks...


1 skein Opal Rodeo sock yarn
Addi Turbos 2.5 mm 40" (marked a US 1, but I think they may be between a 1 and 2)


I used a long-tail cast on and did 64 stitches over both needles to start. This little trick is supposed to keep the top edge loose but also even over your cast on.

Since I'm basically just throwing caution to the wind and cooking up my own pattern from the melange of resources in my knitting library and beyond, I'll try to keep track of all the details as they happen. Yes, it will be as stimulating as the ESPN coverage of the ice growing in Torino.

Lone Knitter, Here we go! May we be as productive as Dickens in our latest endeavor!

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Lone Knitter said...

I just had a glass of wine...probably not a good idea when it's less than 30 minutes before cast on! Happy knitting and Cheers!