15 January 2006

Show and Tell

Just in case you were wondering if I actually did anything while sitting on my hiney at quilt camp, thought I'd share some photos.

Flannel Turning Twenty
This is a pretty standard quilt out of the Turning Twenty pattern that we've all come to know and love. Used three types of flannel and did a pieced back. Will make a good cuddly quilt.

Irish Weave
Another flannel from goodies I found on my Black Friday spree. This is from the book Wild About Flowers. This is the sucker that kept me up until 4 a.m. one night, muttering to myself, "Must finish piecing. Must finish piecing. 10 more seams... 9 more seams..." I'm really pleased with the outcome of this one but the way you cut the rows gave me a few of the stripes going the wrong way. I'm calling it a design element. I still have some borders to add but I'm counting this one in the "finished" category.

Tropical Madness
This was my first "winging it" quilt where I took a few patterns from the Internet and then just went for it. I just wanted a scrappy look to go with the Amy Butler designs, but it turned out much more difficult that I anticipated. This was my first foray into designer fabrics and although I hate that $9/yd price tag, I could tell a difference on the feel of this finished product. This started out as a bargain quilt when Hickory Stick put the line at $2/yd, but I had no idea how much to buy so I have enough for several more quilts and of course, I needed three more yards of the striped piece for the border. So much for my bargain. I'm seeing a tropical theme room in the near future. Matching pillow cases, matching throw pillows, matching curtains... it could get really tacky really quickly!

And now all these quilts are finished, it's time to buy more fabric, right? Thought you'd enjoy one more look at part of Ash's Stash. She won the trophy that day. We're all expecting a new little crafty project out of all of these finds!

Hopefully my butt and credit cards will have recovered by August so we can do this all again. I felt pretty lame turning in at midnight last night.

1. Diss: Still working on teaching stuff. Looking forward to getting back to my own work!
2. Health: Back to Sunday aerobics. Wow, so that's what a month of mom's cooking does to you. It felt good to be back to my routine, but stairs aren't feeling so good at the moment. Ouch...
3. Organization: Anyone have a large trash dumpster to park outside my house for a few days? This girl has too many couches!


mom said...

Just wanted to let you know that Leslie has several almost finished quilts now at the quilters. I do believe "mom" did some last little details to get them finished and delivered. Sue Ann and I had a great time on the Saturday we had our big adventure through Memonite country and then on to Judy's with the big gray poodle house dog. Will get pictures when the quilts are totally finished. You mentioned your other blog, where do I find it?

Gina Halladay said...

I am a fan of Amy Butler too! She emailed me today about her new line of fabrics coming out. Check out my blog at www.QuiltersBuzz.com. I love the turning twenty pattern ---fun and fast . Yours looks snuggly.